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  1. Stock for stock which bike is faster a kawasaki zx12 or a gsxr 1300 (hayabusa)?
  2. Whick bike would be better for $10k brand new? A 07 Kawasaki zx-14 or an 08 zx-10?
  3. Y2k vs hayabusa 2008?
  4. Would a long distance trip (1400 miles) be bad on the engine of a new Ninja 250r?
  5. How can I sell my husbands motorcycle?
  6. Which of these two hyper sport bikes is best for me?
  7. Which sportsbike should I go after?
  8. Wheelie on a bike?
  9. Motorcycle poll!!!! Guy question!!!!?
  10. dobeck tif electronic jet kit?
  11. What do you think about this!?
  12. A few motorcycle questions...?
  13. (New Rider) Info for kawasaki Bike Owners! (SPORT ONLY)?
  14. thumbs up or down for my bike?
  15. The next Honda Blackbird?
  16. 09 Sportbikes, which should i get?
  17. i am looking for a good SPORT BIKE (not a cruiser or dirtbike)that i can learn on?
  18. Superbikes and their Handling?
  19. Hey bikers! Would you trade in what you have for this bike?
  20. is there a web site for discounts on tires for this bike?
  21. what motorcycle to buy?
  22. Stock for stock which bike is faster a kawasaki zx12 or a gsxr 1300 (hayabusa)?
  23. Fastest two passenger motorcycle?
  24. Where is Kawasaki's model line going?
  25. My boyfriend went out of town and left his bike with me... Should I?
  26. Which of these vehicles is the quickest off the line and then the fastest?
  27. this is bad news for bikers in CAlifornia?
  28. I am 17 years old and am ready to purchase my first motorcycle.?
  29. Which is a better, faster, more dependable bike?
  30. what speed should you stay under when you get your tire patched?
  31. I am 350 lbs 6 ft 4 and want a sport bike so i dont want to get a 600 cc?
  32. Is it hard to learn to ride a motorcycle?
  33. Is the kawasaki ninja zx-14R a good first bike?
  34. 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa or 2008 Kawasaki ZX-14?
  35. Why do some say the ZX-14 is the fastest bike?
  36. thats what i thought guys cause i ride a 06 zx-14?
  37. whats the 2008 ZX-14's 0-100?
  38. Any good mods for a Kawasaki Ninja 250?
  39. ZX-14 or Ducati for my Dad?
  40. 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 vs 2007 Suzuki GSXR-1000?
  41. i have a ebony red kawazaki ninja zx 14 thumbs up or down?
  42. zx 14 custom?
  43. Kawazaki ninja zx 14 owners only?
  44. Ok yall...which do yall prefer and why. The Hayabusa or the ZX-14.?
  45. I just bought a brand new Ninja ZX-14!!?
  46. Yamaha YZF-R1 Turbo (2007-08 Models)?
  47. What kind of bike?
  48. is doing a wheelie?
  49. zx-14 first bike?
  50. zx 14 vs hayabusa?
  51. thumbs up or down?
  52. I am looking to buy my first bike.?
  53. zx-14 or zx-10 or R1?
  54. Which of the new Sport bikes is the best to buy?
  55. zx-14 exhaust?
  56. Two more days till i get my Kawasaki zx 14 any last minute advice?
  57. What's the fastest motorcycle today?
  58. how fast is the kawasaki ZX-14?
  59. when will my motorcycle insurance lower?
  60. My zx14!!!!?
  61. ihave a zx 14 ninja if i go down 1 tooth in front sprocket and Go UP one in back?
  62. which should i purchase? hayabusa or zx-14?
  63. While riding,?
  64. ZX 1400 owners were you aware of the recall 2006 and 2007 models?
  65. Which is quickest for 1/4?
  66. Anyone know where to find a good solidworks model?
  67. Why would anyone buy a Ninja ZX10 vs the Ninja ZX14?
  68. I just bought a Ninja 500 and need some tips on driving it.?
  69. Lifan LF 200 Vs Ninja 250R Street Bike?
  70. kawasaki zx14 ninja, is it good for first bike?
  71. what was the first year for the kawasaki zx14?
  72. Kawasaki Ninga ZX-14 1352cc, I am a novice, is this too much bike to start with?
  73. ZX14 07 White SE, What riding gear are u guys buying?
  74. Is it possible to put KI-PASS on a ZX-14?
  75. which is a better motorcycle 08 zx 14 or 09 hyabusa?
  76. What is the best new super bike right now on the market no busa or zx14?
  77. how much base horsepower does a kawasaki zx14, when the bike is stock?
  78. Will kawazaki eventually unleash something even bigger than the ninja zx14?
  79. Does anyone have any idea when the 09 Ninja ZX-14 will come out, and what colors?
  80. 1418 Kit
  81. Looking for front brake disc specs
  82. Where is the ZX10 forum ?
  83. jesus christ doesn't ANYBODY here own a 14?
  84. 13.5 not 1400
  85. PCIII USB on the '14
  86. im looking for te best otd price in florida
  87. zx12r water pump
  88. ZX-14.net sucks shit. Don't go there.
  89. broke power commander for ridgeracer on bikeland
  90. Handling
  91. Akropovic Full System
  92. Just picked up a ZX-14.
  93. Blech!
  94. Bear Velocity Stacks for the New ZX14
  95. whooped a zx14 tonite 9.90 to 10.0
  96. Pocket PC for downloading pc3 maps to power commander ?
  97. ZX14 Rearsets by Sato Racing
  98. Turbo zx14by American Turbo Runs
  99. King of the track@ RRR Aug 20
  100. At what RPM does the rev limiter activate?
  101. ZX-14 price, OTD
  102. Rear Fender Eliminator
  103. 05 Ti 10R
  105. MCN TEST - 14 v Busa v 12R v BMW12 v XX
  106. zzr14 goes 315kph....
  107. ZX14 info I found on Dragbike
  108. Suzi territory
  109. sorry....but
  110. zx-14 tv commercial....
  111. New Sub-Forum...nice!
  112. zx-14 cockpit..... nice