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What Biker Type Are You?

This is a discussion on What Biker Type Are You? within the Motorcycle Discussion forums, part of the General category; Find out what type of biker best describes your personality! What Biker Type Are You?...

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Default What Biker Type Are You?

Find out what type of biker best describes your personality!
What Biker Type Are You?
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Having just wrapped up another week on the road with my biker buddies I’ve had a lot of time to observe and think. That happens when you’re out burning up mile after mile, alone in your own head.
One of the things I had a lot of time to ponder is how different members of the group fall into different categories as riders. I started thinking up names and characteristics for types and saw how each person falls into several of the types, and how they will sometimes switch from one extreme to the other, and then back.
Here then are the types I identified.
The Leader

The Leader is the guy who knows where he’s going. He may be the guy who planned out the route or he may just know the area and how to get from Point A to Point B. The Leader likes knowing that there is a plan and enjoys taking the responsibility of herding the rest of the group along.
The Follower

If you’re going to have a leader you also need followers. The Follower is not concerned with where the route is taking him, he’s just content letting someone else handle the organizational aspects of the trip. The Follower is just out to relax and enjoy the ride, wherever it goes.
The Explorer

While the Leader may have a specific route in mind, the Explorer may be inclined to try something different. If the Leader is inflexible he may come into conflict with the Explorer. If the Leader is flexible he may at times step aside and let the Explorer take over as Leader. If the two can’t reach agreement the Explorer may go off on his own, or with others who wish to, and rejoin the group at the day’s destination.
The Loner

The Loner and the Explorer may often be the same person. The Loner isn’t necessarily sold on the idea of traveling in a group, and at times may wish to go his separate way until meeting up with the rest later.
The Family Man

The Family Man is the polar opposite of the Loner. He’s likely to say, “I can ride alone anytime I want to. I go on this trip to ride with my buddies.” The Family Man is generally opposed to breaking the group up, even if interests diverge. He would rather someone give in and keep the group together.
The Dawdler

The Dawdler is the guy everyone waits for every time you’re ready to roll. When everyone else is mounted up and ready to push the Starter button, the Dawdler is still standing next to his bike with his helmet off. Alternatively, many of the others will keep an eye on the Dawdler until he has his helmet on and is ready to mount his bike before they put their own helmets on and mount.
The Straggler

The Straggler is the guy who likes to be at the rear of the group and doesn’t care if he gets a long way back. When he’s in the middle of the group he may still lag far behind the rider ahead of him, causing the riders behind him to get frustrated and pass, eventually putting him in the rear. When passing through towns, rather than closing up ranks, he continues to lag and often will get stopped at a red light that the others got through on the green, necessitating that the group pull off to let him catch up.
The Tailgater

The opposite of the Straggler, the Tailgater seemingly gets target fixation on the rear of the rider in front of him and stays right behind, closely, no matter the speed. The Tailgater has no conception of riding in a staggered formation and makes the guy in front of him very nervous.
The Old Dog

The Old Dog has been riding for a long time, and while his riding habits may not adhere to safe riding protocols, he has no interest in learning new tricks.
The Safety Maven

The Safety Maven believes strongly in formal practices such as riding in staggered formation and using hand signals. He despairs at the failure of the Tailgater and the Old Dog to change their ways. He tries to lead by example but doubts that anyone else is even paying attention.
The Easy Rider

The Easy Rider is the one who is ready to go when everyone else is, keeps up with the group, follows safe riding practices, and is alert to the issues that arise on the ride. He doesn’t annoy anyone and he’s a welcome companion on the road. Significantly, every rider is a part of him, and no rider is entirely him.
Riding with a group means dealing with all these types and more, and accepting that we’re all human and no one is perfect. We all just share a passion for riding motorcycles.
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I really liked your description of the riders, dead on.
I'm the Easy Rider type.
Those that say "Old is SLOW" have NEVER ridden a V65 Magna!
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I have been the leader before and I don't mind so long as I'm very familiar with the area.

Otherwise I enjoy being the follower.

Since I have gotten my wife into riding her own, I guess you could call me the Safety Maven also. I try to set the example for her, but when I'm out on my own (commuting to work) I am not as anal.
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This is good stuff.

I am the easy rider most of the time.... but I find myself leading a lot because I have been to many places....

I tend to follow when I am dual sport riding in a group...
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