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New F800GS vs. F650GS

This is a discussion on New F800GS vs. F650GS within the BMW forums, part of the Manufacturers category; I'm looking at a touring-style bike for the end of next summer (since it's cold and icy now I've got ...

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Default New F800GS vs. F650GS

I'm looking at a touring-style bike for the end of next summer (since it's cold and icy now I've got nothing to do but research ), and I'm thinking about an F650GS.

Since I've only got about 1k miles on my Ninja 250 now, I don't want to go too large. I'm also not looking to replace the Ninjette, I just want something a little more cargo and offroad capable. Probable riding mix is 90% street, 10% fire roads and easy trails (though some of those real roads will be less well paved than the trails), with some 2-500 mile overnights. Yes, a tank bag on the Ninja will cut it... but I'd like the option of 2-3 night trips.

I haven't seen anything thus far in specs and reviews that convinces me that the 800 is worth the $2500 for a rider of my level and riding profile... Am I missing something, or is my assessment of the bikes accurate?

Oh, one other item of concern - at 5'9" with a 30" inseam, I can handle a 650 on the balls of my feet... which I'm okay with. The 800 I'd need to lower an inch - I'm assuming that doesn't have an adverse affect on handling since it's a factory option, but it's good to know up front.



PS - I have a tendency to buy new because I like knowing where my stuff came from, but I'm not averse to the old F650s... except for maybe the height requirement. Likewise, the new G650GS isn't out of the realm of possible, though I suspect I'd be less happy with a thumper given my on-road tendencies.
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Default New F800GS vs. F650GS

New is always best.
But if price is an issue...
What do you mean by thumper. Off road, or one banger.
All the gs's are off road, but with BMW they also ride super nice on road.
The old 650 was one banger. The new one is 2, side by side, and is the same engine as the 800. That is, 800 c.c. But they call the 650 a 650. ?
Some say the difference in the new 650 and 800 (gs) is the tuning of the engine control.
I have seen little people (5') ride any motorcycle. Many times just the toes touch the ground at the stop light, but it doesn't bother them.
BMW has a 450, 650, 800 and 1200 (1150?) GS. If you get any of them you will be happy with it on or off road.
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BMW's 650s are a bit of an enigma. The new F-800 and 650 are both twins at this point. The F-800 displaces 798cc's hence the F-800; but wait! The new F-650 twin ALSO displaces 798cc. WHAT??? That's it, both the engines displace the same, but the tuning is different, the F-650 has more low end power, but less on the high end. There are some other slight differences; one is the price on the F-650 is less.

BMW discontinued the thumper version of the the F-650's in 2007; they were to be replaced with the G series in 2007; the G-650 X-country, X-Challenge and X-moto models - which in the USA were a bonna-fide sales flop...SO..BMW brought back the F-650 as the G-650GS for 2009; same as the earlier F-650GS models, but called the G-650GS. Are you confused yet?

The F-650 has a very loyal following with a huge web page with a forum:

The now discontinued earlier F-650's were thumpers - with a Rotax built liquid cooled 652 DOHC singles. These were available in a dual purpose model (F-650GS) and a special taller 21" front wheel equipped motorcycle dubbed the F-650 Dakar. There was a roadster (street only) version of this called the F-650CS - much lower, cast wheels, belt drive.

The F-650GS (and Dakar) series are perhaps the best 650cc adventure bikes available to this day. Comfortable to ride, reliable and incredible fuel economy - you can go anywhere and do anything with one of these.
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that's an nice stuff it would help me alot thank you guys for the post and nice to see.........
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f650gs, f800gs

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