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Which Would You Rather Ride ? A REAL or a DISPOSIBLE BIKE ?

This is a discussion on Which Would You Rather Ride ? A REAL or a DISPOSIBLE BIKE ? within the VTX forums, part of the Honda category; Claim #1:Jap bikes are built to last.*Well if that's the case then Where are the Old Ones? 90% of All ...

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Default Which Would You Rather Ride ? A REAL or a DISPOSIBLE BIKE ?

Claim #1:Jap bikes are built to last.*Well if that's the case then Where are the Old Ones? 90% of All Harleys ever built are still on the road and running. Jap bikes even close to 10 years old are crushed and sold back to Japan so they can build more.#2:Harleys are uncomfortable.You got us there if your idea of comfort is lying face down,with a vibrator in your crotch and your butt in the air.Now there's a Visual.#3:Harleys are obnoxiously loud and ugly ,yet Jap Manufacturers have spent Millions trying to imitate their look and sound,But can't seem to get past RingDingDingDing,little fart,etc#4Harleys are overpriced. Well, Here you go, Know-It-Alls. 2007 N.A.D.A. New Bike prices.Harley-Davidson Electra Glide® Classic $18,095.00Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide Super Glide®$12,395.00Harley-Davidson Road King® Classic$17,695.00Honda VTX™ 1800F Spec 3 $15,499.00Honda ST1300 ABS $15,499.00Honda Gold Wing $24,049.00Try Doing Your Homework.You Might Learn Something !
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Where do you get your facts for claim number1? To answer your transparent question., I own and proudly ride both American and foreign bikes, neither of which I feel is"disposable."Try not to be so narrow minded, it simply shows your ignorance for the long history of motorcycling worldwide.
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Default Real or Disposible

I do not feel that you are wrong if you go rice burner, or Harley, that is your choice, I have all types of friends with all types of bikes, and I live within a few miles of the Sturges Rally and go every year but I ride a VTX 1800 because I just like it, I also have a 1981 CB 750, I do belive to a point the man is right about disiposible, but also belive that this is changing with the new and larger rice burners. I have had a Harley 1200 Sportster, I liked it a lot but it broke down to much and I got ride of it. I am opended minded and think you can own what you like be it for power, looks, name, but we all do not have to own a Harley just to be right open you mind and respect me for my choice, I do you for yours.
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1) 90% of Harley's are on the road. With all the maintenance you have to put into keeping a Harley on the road, you could've bought 3 new Harleys.Sure, if I pour that kind of money into any bike, it'll run forever.2) Yeah, sitting on a bike that mimics a gynocologists table, with my feet in the air, is much more comfortable. Or maybe its the excessive vibration that gets you off?3) Harleys are loud and ugly, but due to a perceived image, which many misguided souls have bought into (mostly Americans), they're popular. So all manufacturers do what they do best. They try to make money out of it and copy it. That doesn't mean its better, just means that many poor b@stards buy into image rather than substance (cudos to Harley PR for this as its a brilliant ploy) and the moto manufacturers want to capitalize on this and make money. Personally, I'd rather spend less and get something that won't leave me by the side of the road.4) They are overpriced. You think its a good deal to spend $18K or more for a motorcycle from the 50's, that you have to tinker with on a daily/weekly basis just in order to ride it? Oh, I forgot, you're bonding with your bike when you repair it. haha...Then you pay for it and deal with the hassle. I got better things to do with my time and money.Basically, most Harley's have dated technology and the company rather spend its money on PR to try and maintain its image (and therefore sales), rather than improving its design and technology, or invest in research and development in order to come into the 20th century. They'd rather sit on their dated technology and spend their money trying to convince people that American Iron is best. Well, maybe once upon a time it was, but not for many decades.Have you learned anything yet? Or are you still buying into the badboy PR? ------
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