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What's up with the Honda CBR 600 RR front light.?

This is a discussion on What's up with the Honda CBR 600 RR front light.? within the CBR forums, part of the Honda category; I dont like the look of my Honda CBR 600 2006. There are two light spots and only one comes ...

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Default What's up with the Honda CBR 600 RR front light.?

I dont like the look of my Honda CBR 600 2006. There are two light spots and only one comes on. I was told they make the CBR's that way, so this is normal. When i turn the high beams on it looks like i have both light on, but it is brighter on one side then the other.How is this better then the other style of bike. Looks terrible.:(
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one side is your low and the other is the high.It is normal and you are right i dont like the look of it either.
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It's possible one of the bulbs burned out and was replaced by something completely different judging by how you said the high beams don't have the same intensity. If you've got some mechanical know-how see if you can take the bulbs out of the rear of the front fairing and examine them side by side. If need be you can replace them with matching H4's. Just be sure not to touch the glass part of the bulb, the oil on your fingers shortens the life of it.
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I have the 2001 CBRf4i and it is the same here, and has always been that way as far as I can tell. Just about every time I come to a stoplight I have someone tell me that I have a burnt out head light and then I have to explain that is just the way it was designed.
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that's how they make them. have you everlooked at a R6? i think they look pretty happy with your bike.
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I'm with you,,,I think it's weird.I'd do something like Mod the Base on a pair of H4 BubsYour Original H7's have ONE Single Filament,,,like a household light bulb.H4's have Dual Filaments,,1 Hi&1 LowH4's have same focal length and approx same electrical specs as the original H7'sTin Snips will get the bigger H4 flange cut down the size.Leave a Locating Tab, ala H7I woudn't just use a simple jumper wire from bub to bub.I'd pull a heavy wire direct from Batt,,,with a Conveniently accessible Fuse.Connect that to a PAIR of good relays.Use the Orignal Headlight wires to run the Relay instead of the Bubs.And the Relays will Run the Bubs.That oughta put Both Lamps with their Own High Beam,,,On simultaneously.And Both Lamps with their own Low Beam,,on SimultaneouslyDual Beam High,,Dual Beam LowAnd No More Name Callin'for Ms Dead-Eye Slim about her Headlights :)Nothing about the Bike's ORIGINAL STUFF,,the Headlights,Wiring,Switches,,,Nothing Gets Butchered.Unplug the Mod Stuff,,and put things back to Original very quick and easy with No Sign of anything ever having been done...................................Original ConfigurationLOW Beam Position:(Off)----------(LOW).........High is OFF,,,Only 1 Low ONHIGH Beam Position(High)--------(LOW)........1 High and 1 Low are ON................................................ .................................Hatchet JobLow Beam:(LOW)------(LOW)..........BOTH Low Beams are ON(HIGH)-------(HIGH)..........BOTH High Beams are ONBubs are as cheap as $5/pair.Good Ones are up to $10 EachYa need 2 eachRelays are around $10 EachNeed 2 eachWire,,some crimp on connectors,,a Fuse Holder,,maybe $10~15H-4 Sockets are nice,,instead of using individual connectors.Makes the Job look like somebody knew what they were doing.$5 Each,,,need 2About $50~60 worth of stuffCouple Hours piddling around even for a novice.Very Simple project.Only tricky part is Trimming the H-4's base flange to H7 Size.Not too hard,,,just tedious...............................You can Also Mod the Mod.Another Relay and a Switch can be wired to Defeat the Mod,,and revert to Original Configuration.It's very easy to add and wire in.The CATCH is,,,Ya gotta find a place to mount the Switch.I don't see much use in doing that Extra,,,but it IS Possible&Easy,,,and adds about another $20 worth of Stuff............................................. .........I know You didn't actually ask,,"What can I do about it?"....I just thought You may be interested in Knowing that it's not that big a deal to get Dual Filament Bubs in Both Beams so it works like normal Dual 2-beam headlites.Take care! ------
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