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My zx14!!!!?

This is a discussion on My zx14!!!!? within the ZX1400 forums, part of the Kawasaki category; Ok, maybe I was a little over the top with my last queston. I am very very cautious and respect ...

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Default My zx14!!!!?

Ok, maybe I was a little over the top with my last queston. I am very very cautious and respect the power of this bike. Being my first bike, I have no problems with the power. Im not going over 70mph highway, and have not took rpm's past 4g's. I am going into turns slow and driving responsible. Why was everyone so down on this being my first bike? Im a big guy, and the bike feels so comfortable and fits me well is the reason I bought it, not the top speed. Any thoughts? Why do people have such a problem with 1000 and 1400s? It only go's as fast as u want it too!!
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They just think that its a lot for a newcomer to riding. But if thats the bike you feel comfortable on then I dont think it should be a big deal. For me if I rode a zx14 I probably would be dead right now. Im only 5'8"175 lbs. thats why I ride a 600.
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Aye Bikes don't kill people... people kill people. They just do it more often when drinking. When you've had a few, you will be much more likely to open her up just a little. Just be careful, cuz things can get fast really quickly on that bike. My suggestion: have lunch with her a few more times before taking her to a bar.
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hi, if thats the bike you like , then stick with it. i think most folks who have been riding awhile sort of cringe when they hear about a novice/first time rider buying a large cc bike for their first one. i am glad to hear that you have pretty good sense when it comes to riding, i hope it stays with you. i will be the first to say , i have been riding for 30 years and i consider myself to be fairly on road and off road experienced (noone knows it all) but when i get behind the bars of one of my sportbikes , as apposed to one of my harley's , my brain and my wrist have a tendency to go to battlin'. if you know what i mean. when it comes to sportbikes nowadays, speed is relative to the rider. they are all fast and they will all kill you if you don't respect them. if you are a big guy and you feel comfy on the bike, outstanding, enjoy it. i don't think anyone is saying that you will ride like an idiot and will go down immediately (ok, some of them were) over time you will come to understand, the more you ride , the more you will see and hear of first timers being lost due to inexperience or fooling around . just go out and ride and enjoy it , no matter what brand , type , size or color, etc. keep riding the way you are and don't worry about the buzzkills out there . have fun and be safe, maybe i'll see ya out there.
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