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Sport bike Or car.?

This is a discussion on Sport bike Or car.? within the Hayabusa forums, part of the Suzuki category; *suzuki hayabusa* . alright well i been thinking of getting myself one of thesei will soon be starting college and ...

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Default Sport bike Or car.?

*suzuki hayabusa* . alright well i been thinking of getting myself one of thesei will soon be starting college and need something for transportation so i figured why not go New?since i either have a choice to get a bucket of boilts or this Now my question is what would be better for meto get a car or a sports bike in all honesty i want the sport bike but i been thinking i wouldn't exactly like it if someonewould just roll of with it while i'm at school or when i go grocery shopping.lolan i don't think i would be able to cary alot of stuff with mebut still i'll manage an also been seeing how the gas prices are now would this benfit me in getting a bike or would it be the same.i live in Arizona so there's No worries about Rain or snow we don't get it often as others wouldi'm planing on Getting an apartment close to the college i go to so it wont be that much of a hasel for methe stors are kinda far tho so that will be a problem but ah as a vegetarian i don't plan on to bring the whole grocery store with melol but Doug does make a great point in the date section ah will take turns i'll brin the cool bike she'll bring the car the nex timelolFor the most part i disagree with 40 but i don't have any experince with a bike nor a car so who am i to say anything he might be rightBut for now the bike seems like the smartest choice since i could choose something that's used that will only last me a few years orinvest in something new..but i will give it more thought and do more research befor doing anything Thank you all for the info advice.Cheers!YAMtasti...Yes i'm planing on looking at other bikes dough makes a great point in theinsurance an gas even tho i'm a fan of the busa but oh well thanks for the answer!.
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A car is almost always going to be more practical than a bike. Being that your in college, have you looked at the insurance of a busa? That might turn you away right off the bat. Second, when it rains, you get wet, when it snows, forget about it. Need groceries? you can get bags for it, but they still don't hold much. For the most part unless you plan to walk to the store, get a car. Your date might have fun on the bike a few times, but after awhile she's not going to want to mess her hair up.And for the most part, your not going to save much gas, Busa's don't get much better MPG than a Toyota Yaris. I have a SV1000s and I get maybe 40 mpg on a good day. Also your going to need a new rear tire about ever 4000 miles so there goes $200 or so every few months.
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A motorcycle is a great second vehicle, and a lousy only vehicle. You need to get a car first. ------
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Staunchly disagree with the"Motorcycle is not a good first vehicle"One of the big questions is where are you going to school? If in a fair climate like here in Los Angeles, I'd say Motorcycle all day long. If it snows or get really cold in your area, maybe a car is the better choice.Me, I have 3 bikes, and no car. If I I feel the need for a car I rent one. ------
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