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was in an accident, need help!

This is a discussion on was in an accident, need help! within the Vulcans forums, part of the Kawasaki category; Earlier today i was in an accident, a hit and run. I made a right turn ( on red) as ...

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Default was in an accident, need help!

Earlier today i was in an accident, a hit and run. I made a right turn ( on red) as a semi was turing left. when i was getting into the left lane a car camr out of nowhere and struck me. it took off and luckily i was wearing full gear. no injury except a few scrapes and a bruised ego. neway my questione concerns the insurance. the trooper at the scene said i failed to yield the right of way even though the other car should have stoped or slowed down. so i was at fault. i have full coverage on my bike. will the at fault affect whether the insurance company ( dairyland) will pay to fix my bike. its pretty banged up. its a vulcan 500 and i got it new 2 months ago( couldnt find a reasonable used in my area). there were two witnesses that said the other car was at fault, but since i was at a red light it didnt matter. ive looked through the insurance policy in the collision section, and it doesnt say anywhere that they wont pay in an at fault accident. what has been your experience, especially if u too have dairyland insurance. also if they do fix it will they use new kawasaki parts or old used parts. will they leave it like new or just good enough to run good enough to run. ------
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Default At fault accident

If you have full coverage. Collision in perticular, You will probably have a deductable but after that you should be covered.
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Good post from above. But,,,
HEY! What do the 2 witnesses say?? Get their statements FULLY; have them notorized. I have seen more than one officer have their "conclusion" DESTROYED in court-they are only human like you and me (I went to Law School)-plus have Trooper friends.
All esential parts should be replaced with new ex. pistons etc. cosmetic usually is replaced with what is available.
Bottom line is your "contract" with Dairyland, but remember,you pay them REAL dollars so they should give you real parts! Fly

P.S. Do all you can to find your pal-the hit and run driver! You have 2 witnesses, plus any stores around that may have cameras?? Is there a factory near that may of had a shift change when they hit you etc? You can find a lot off the net-webcams for weather etc. Good luck, Fly
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