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Which is better, first time rider, Honda Rebel, Ninja 250r, or VLX600?

This is a discussion on Which is better, first time rider, Honda Rebel, Ninja 250r, or VLX600? within the Motorcycle Financing forums, part of the General category; I really want the VLX600, because it has more umph than the Honda Rebel, but its probably going to be ...

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Default Which is better, first time rider, Honda Rebel, Ninja 250r, or VLX600?

I really want the VLX600, because it has more umph than the Honda Rebel, but its probably going to be difficult to find a VLX at a dealership as I will have to finance the bike. The Ninja 250r has the same engine as the Rebel, but its lighter, and i do plan on getting the highway after i get use to riding whichever motorcycle I get. I don't want 75mph to be my top speed if I need to pass a car, etc. I'm not sure if should get the Rebel and modify it, or just go with the Ninja 250r, or just hope i can find a VLX600 at a dealer.
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The Rebel, although cute is a gutless motorcycle with only 16 HP it's just barely fast enough to go on the freeway-although it's legal there. The Ninja, although has the same displacement the liquid cooled engine produces quite a bit more power is a better and faster bike better suited for the freeway.

The VLX-600 is a cruiser Honda, with more displacement and a great deal more power than either of the above. For freeway use this would be a good choice - although it's not all THAT powerful.
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the ninja 250 is definitely NOT the same motor as the rebel 250, it makes over twice the horsepower and has a 14k rpm redline. That being said, the ninja is apparently sold out everywhere and commanding a price higher than MSRP. I would suggest getting a used motorcycle for a first bike, the older ninja 250's are cheap and readily available perfect beginner bikes and you can usually sell it a year later for the same amount that you bought it for.I wouldn't recommend a cruiser for a first time motorcycle rider, the feet forward riding position compromises control and can be really dangerous. If you are tall, like 6'or over, then a dual sport like a klr250 or drz400 would be perfect. If you are shorter then something like an 80's honda nighthawk or kawasaki kz550 would be good. ------
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I grew up riding dirt bikes and havent owned a street bike until recently. I had ridden both before though. I disagree with the previous poster about the positioning. I hate the way you have to sit on a sportbike, its uncomfortable and unnatural, not to mention those things feel like they are gonna run out from under you. I do agree with him telling you to get a used bike to start out though. Take a class and ride their bikes first and see how you do, then you can decide what you want. Im by no means an expert but I do think 75 is plenty fast for a beginner. Each to their own and I have merely stated my own opinion.You dont have to have forward controls on a cruiser either. Some come that way some dont. ------
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While instructing MSF motorcycles classes, I've used both the Rebel and the pre-08 Ninja 250. They are both excellent entry level bikes provided you are not trying to ride too far or too fast. If you think you'll be spending much time on the highway/freeway/express way, the VLX/VT600 would be a better choice. Each of the 250s are legal to ride on the freeway, you just would not want to go far. ------
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Default Virgin Rider

My wife decided last year that she too would like to learn how to ride. I had her covinced that a 250 was perfect for her to learn on. We were, however, fortunate enough to find a vlx 600 deluxe that just came in to the local cycle shop on trade. It proved to be an excellent machine for her to learn on. The very low center of gravity made it remarkably easy for her to handle. She never once laid it down. I had her begin in large parking lots and eventually had her ride ahead of me down some rather isolated roads. She is handling the highways very well now and toying with the idea of buying a new bike this year.
The 250 may prove to be a great starter also but you will grow out of it the intant you take your first ride down the open highway.
Slow is the key to control. You will not learn to ride in one day. If you can control your bike at slow speeds, you will have the ability to safely motor down the highway.

Best of luck,
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250r, honda, ninja, rebel, rider, time, vlx600

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