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2005 Kawasaki Ninja Ex250?

This is a discussion on 2005 Kawasaki Ninja Ex250? within the Ninja 250 forums, part of the Kawasaki category; I've had this bike for about a week, I'm just starting off, so I have a couple of questions. I've ...

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Default 2005 Kawasaki Ninja Ex250?

I've had this bike for about a week, I'm just starting off, so I have a couple of questions. I've seen a few times people talking about crosswind on the thruway, I would only have like a two mile ride on the thruway to work, should I be nervous with this little bike? I'm also wanting to change the color of the two stripes on the side, they are orange, and in my opinion it doesn't go good with dark blue, but I noticed they are just decals, does anyone know where I could find the proper style decals in a different color? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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Okay. You have a Kawasaki already? So you don't want advice about what to get or the usual spiel about going to get training at a good class, first, right? No problem. The Kawasaki is a frequently chosen bike, it has good power and can be quite useful, to teach new riders.So, yes, you SHOULD BE nervous on your Kawasaki. NOT because it can't go as fast as most traffic, it will, but because you are out there on a tiny motorcycle surrounded by nitwits in STEEL CAGES, and some of them are careless and don't look at you, so that they will do stupid things. That said, the expressway does away with one thing that kills many motorcylists, TURNING ACROSS YOUR LANE. They can't do it on an expressway. But don't forget if you are in the exit lane and some doofus wants to get off SUDDENLY, he will probably not look first, or very carefully and may well decide that little open spot where you are currently riding, suits his needs and run right over you. Oh, he'll be sorry! But you'll be dead. So remember all those things your instructor taught you and forget the stripes, it won't make any difference,What may make a difference is to buy a STEBEL Compact HORN. and mount it on your motorcycle. Why? Remember how I said he will not look first? He won't, until you LAY ON THE HORN. And if that is the sole thing he will hear it needs to be LOUD and it needs to SCARE the H*** out of him.So do it, first thing, because the stock horn is a pathetic little wheezer, that is almost an apology,"Oh excuse me, I'm trying to ride here if you ***CRUNCH***."So this is the one secret that you won't learn from a class, Buy a loud horn and mount it on your motorcycle. Oh you can paint the horn if you like. It come in black.NOW the stripes, Ask the dealer if he can find some other color. All motorcycles are painted the same paint scheme in any given year but there may be TWO paint schemes for your model, or they change color every couple of years. to coax you to buy. See if a 2008 or 2003 Ex500 NInja is a different color or at least a different stripe.You can heat them up and peel them off the tank, If you have a heat gun, go to it, but you probably don't, So get your mothers electric hair dryer and go at it on HIGH. and peel slowly and gently. It will come right off if they did not use any clearcoat over the decals. Now you need replacements. Don't count on it, There are probably some for sale at the dealer, but they are orange as well.
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Keyda, regarding your stripes, you can probably just take your bike to a paint shop that does motorcycle work and have them take off your decals and airbrush whatever you want to replace them.
Regarding the crosswind, yes it can create a problem especially when going thru gaps in hills or barriers. The gusts can turn on and off quickly. Also wind from the big semi trucks needs to be looked out for. The major key is to maintain a constant awareness of what's in front of you and what's comming up behind. Good luck.
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Tinker gives some good advice ( the horn thing is of limited value, most people drive on the highway with the windows up with the radio on or talking on the cell phone) you should get some more saddle time before you hit the highways. When you do decide to head out always leave yourself a bailout area if somebody cuts you off. In other words dont let them box you in leave space to shift lanes when some idiot cuts you off. I also ride with my high beams on, it gives you a little more visibility, and dont forget NOT to travel in peoples blind spots, if you cant see them in their rear view mirror they cant see you. ------
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2005, ex250, kawasaki, ninja

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