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Value of a 79'xr-80?

This is a discussion on Value of a 79'xr-80? within the Exhaust forums, part of the Parts category; Heres the deal, about 12 years ago my dad bought me a 79'honda xr-80 the thing sat in the garage ...

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Default Value of a 79'xr-80?

Heres the deal, about 12 years ago my dad bought me a 79'honda xr-80 the thing sat in the garage and never ran and he never tried to fix it. When I moved out 4 years ago I took the bike (which he knew and was cool with) put alot of time into it and got it running. Now he suddenly wants it back to the point where he's trying to involve the cops. Now this bike was bought as a gift and so it is technically mine but the police said I should find out what its worth and offer him that to leave me alone. So its pretty beat its been ridden alot, the muffler is gone along with the rear fender, the handle bars are bent and the bike is all dented up, it needs a new clutch and fork seals and im pretty sure the motor isn't going to last a whole lot longer. What do you think the value is? What is it worth? I tried to go to Kelley Blue Book but they only have motorcycle values. Personally after all the time I put into it I think he'd be paying me more for the work then I would the bike.He lost it after my parents divorce and kicked me out when I was 17, so I have no contact anymore. I told him I didn''t want anything to do with him and thats what sparked it. Plus he was never the *children are the greatest gift* kind of dads.
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by your description, it's pretty shot... per NADA in fair condition (bottom ranking) only worth $250 ml=H&gc=AM&gtc=MCsounds more like you have done something to really tick him off ... dads usually are pretty understanding&forgiving and do everything possible for their own children unless that child really screws up ...there has to be more to the story ...
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even if the bike was in decent shape, it still would only be worth a few hundred, just incase he tries to say the bike was in good condition before you got it.... ------
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I would pay maybe 200 max for one. ------
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