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What is the most unsafe thing that car drivers do that can get you hurt?

This is a discussion on What is the most unsafe thing that car drivers do that can get you hurt? within the Motorcycle Safety forums, part of the General category; Ok, I know that this thread has been dormant for a year, but it is a GREAT TOPIC! I always ...

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Old 12-03-2009   #11
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Ok, I know that this thread has been dormant for a year, but it is a GREAT TOPIC!
I always hear bikers talking about how much disregard for safety there is when it comes to the cars we share the road with. What is the most dangerous or most common mistake that our four wheeling buddies seem to make?

Is there an awareness in the states that allow lane splitting by the drivers of cars?

When do you know you are in the blind spot?

I am sure that there are a few things that could be done better by the box riders that would make it easier to avoid road rash. i just want to know what you think.

I think that lane splitting should be on a car drivers written test myself. i have never seen it mentioned before. I always get yelled at for splitting lanes even when it is perfectly legal.
The bottom line is that all other vehicles are a threat to you. As a biker, you can't take anything for granted. Driving ultra-defensive is the only way to stay up. Never assume that you are seen by the other guy. Never assume that the other guy will yield to you - even if you're right. Never assume that the other guy is paying attention. If you drive with the belief that you ALWAYS need an escape (plan B) and give yourself plenty of 'wiggle' room (for plan B), you can avoid near misses and hairy maneuvers. Even if there is a State that allows lane splitting, don't do it. Some road rage idiot will be more than happy to open his door as you pass - and you know what? You'll be found wrong and get the ticket! So don't do it!
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I always wonder about lane splitting. I grew up in California where it is legal and very common. Now I ride in Massachusetts where it is not legal, but people do it ALL the time. I sometimes do it as well. ONLY when there is ALOT of room. If theres a bike lane I'll ride in that only if traffic is stopped and I'll ride up to the light. But I have only done this a few times. Most of the time I think about someone getting pissed off and turning there wheel just to clip me and decide not to do it, but it makes me mad that people are so disrespectful of bikes.

I get people riding UP MY ASS constantly. Then they get mad when I leave more room in front of me because of the fact that they are so close. I also get people changing lanes without looking (especially on cell phones)

I always go by the same rule I did when I drove a car (only now it seems to fit more). My father always used to tell me "drive like everyone on the road is trying to kill you" It makes you watch more for people around you and try to predict what they are trying to do but expecting anything.
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Old 08-06-2010   #13
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You are SO RIGHT! The moment a biker relaxes and 'assumes' that the other guy sees him and will work to avoid him - BAM!
Kills me how distracted drivers continue to drive with total impunity - texting or dialing or otherwise fussing with those personal devices while their cars continue to travel (blindly if they are looking away) at 1.5 feet per second (at 60mph). Makes no sense to me how law enforcement continues to turn a blind eye to careless drivers who, in actuality, propel 3500# death machines with total disregard and lack of concern for the consequences of their actions.
"Oh, I'm sorry, but I didn't see you..." just doesn't do it for me after a collision - God forbid involving a biker!
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Cell phones=driving drunk either 20mph in 40 mph zone or weaving lanes You have to understand that 4 wheel cages are most peoples second homes comfort and security and a place to put their biggie fries Hel* you can eat,talk on the phone and adjust the music last of the priorities is driving I have the both worlds approach when in a car, actually feel safer on a bike not taking up the whole lane, better accel-braking and more nibble ability to avoid bad situations. I still have fun! ride smart and ride safe!
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Oncoming vehicle making a left turn in front of you! Assume vehicle operator does not see you (or your bike) coming down the road. (be extra cautious when the sun is on your back)
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Old 09-24-2010   #16
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Talking over the phone or with a person who is traveling with the driver in the same car and feeling sleepy are the unsafe things that car drivers get hurt.
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Old 07-23-2011   #17
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talking on cell phone while drive, drink, makeup, change clothes while drive and many more
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