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Honda Shadow VLX 600 Battery problem??

This is a discussion on Honda Shadow VLX 600 Battery problem?? within the New Riders forums, part of the General category; Hey all, i just started my riding lessons on my Honda Shadow vlx 600 and my instructor and i discovered ...

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Default Honda Shadow VLX 600 Battery problem??

Hey all, i just started my riding lessons on my Honda Shadow vlx 600 and my instructor and i discovered something a bit odd. When i turn my key on, my brake light comes on as its supposed to, this means that the battery is giving some sort of power. however, when we try to start the bike, it "semi-swing" as it were, like the battery is not giving enough power to the bike. For the past three riding lessons, we have had to pop the hood of my car and use jumper cables from my car to my bike and it starts immediately. However, when it starts, we have to give it some gas or else it cuts back off. after riding it for a little while, i can turn the bike off and on. However, if i leave the bike off for 2 minutes or more, it needs to be jumped again in order to start. Is this a problem with my battery or is it something else? Please help, cuz, jump-starting bike is an irritant.
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First of all you should quit jumping off your bike. A car while 12 volt has has way more amperage and can easily damage the regulator rectifier of your bike. Next basically your bike isn't holding / generating a charge for the battery. So you need to determine if its a bad battery or a bad charging system. Start with the battery by giving it a proper charge at 2amps overnight. You will need a way to measure the voltage of the battery and or charging system preferably a digital voltmeter. Measuring voltage is the quickest way to diagnose your issues. You should first of all see if the battery voltage tapers off itself after a few hours (self-discharge). Secondly you should check the voltage of the bike while it is running. It should hold the voltage at 13-14v while running. If it does this indicates that the charging system is at very least trying to work and probably your issue is a battery that won't hold a charge.

The two likely culprits in a charging system will be first the stator and also the regulator rectifier. You should first exhaust all other options though, bad ground on the frame, blown fuses etc and so on.
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Default merci beaucoup

Thanks, i will check those things out and will let u guys know what the problem was
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Default I had the same problem

i push jumped my motorcycle. The trick is to have it on 1st gear and hold the cluch. Get a running start (while your sitting on the bike) and when you gather enough speed let go of the cluch and hit the starter.
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are you sure that the brake light is coming on when you turn the key on? The tail light should come on. If indeed your brakelight is coming on and staying on that maybe enough to run your battery down even while operating. brake light staying on is also a safety hazard (since there is no change in brightness when the brakes are applied) that usually can be corrected by adjusting the stoplight switch. I have seen a few cases where the brake light bulb filament has broken and dropped on to the tail light filament causing power to be on the broken filament and causing the braklight to be on even though the brake light switch is adjusted properly. Recommend adjusting the brakelight to come on with very little pressure to the brake lever or pedal. Good luck!
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