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questions on getting a bike

This is a discussion on questions on getting a bike within the New Riders forums, part of the General category; hey Im new to the forum and to being a rider. Im interested in getting a new bike not a ...

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Default questions on getting a bike

hey Im new to the forum and to being a rider. Im interested in getting a new bike not a sport bike but more of cruiser motorcycle. It seems like the best deals I can find on a first bike are custom built bobbers.Plus they look really neat and im into the simplicity look of the bike. I know some of these bikes may be iffy because there built with whatever parts can be found and dont have things like gauges and all that on them, but i found a really nice bike on ebay for 1200 and its built by a dealer They have a website and it seems like there bikes are reliable and legit most bikes are posted for more this one just seems to have not been in a bidding war. Its only 550cc so i figured thats not bad for a starter bike ive never ridden motorcycles but ive done a little dirtbike and quad riding and things usually come quickly to me so im hoping and confident I can get the hang of the whole riding thing down real fast.

Just looking for someone who knows about riding and custom built bikes good idea / good deal? Or do i not know what im doing, do these bikes require lots of maitnece? I feel like i could easily sell this bike at that price or for more becuase the going rate for bikes like this seems to be more in the 3000 -5000 range. All i really know is from the research ive been doing and looking around on the internet so itd be nice to get an opinion from someone whos been in the game for awile.

bike is shown at its the second one down on the left red tires #7 on it
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If you enjoy wrenching as much as riding then this kind of bike can be a blast. Otherwise, find a bike that is currently on the road. Be aware of anything that only needs this or that little thing, usually not the case.
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A bike with a better cc is always the best long distance at high speed but a bike with mileage would be the best. So you must go with the bike specs that you have mentioned.
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Before buying a motorcycle, one should consider his needs and budget. Buyers can test-ride the unit before making a purchase. To sell motorcycles quickly, sellers should describe the vehicleís best features in the advertisement to draw more potential buyers.
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