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Ride Bell ?

This is a discussion on Ride Bell ? within the Rebel forums, part of the Honda category; What is this? Has anyone heard of them? My husband said he is going to get me one so the ...

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Default Ride Bell ?

What is this? Has anyone heard of them? My husband said he is going to get me one so the grimmlins will stop making me turn over my bike!!!!!!!!! I don't know if he has lost his mind or what !?!?! :lol: :lol:
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Default Ride Bell ?

The Legend Of The Bell
As we all know, life has many mysteries that have no apparent solutions. One of these is Evil Road Spirits. They are little gremlins that live on your bike. They love to ride. They're also responsible for most of your bike's problems. Sometimes your turn signals refuse to work, or the battery goes dead.
Road Spirits can't live in the presence of a bell. They get trapped in the hallow of the bell. Among other things, their hearing is supersensitive. The constant ring of the bell and the confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall to the roadway. (Have you ever wondered how potholes are formed?) The bell has served its purpose.
If you have picked up a bell of your own, the magic will work. But if your bell was given to you, the power has been doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a special friend helping to look after you.

I gave Miss Dottie her bell the day she started riding her bike.

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Default Ride Bell ?

That was so nice of you to give Miss Dottie her bell. Now I am wanting to hurry and get mine. I'm also glad that my husband has not lost his mind talking about grimlins on my bike.I think I'll get him one. Thank's for the story. My husband thank's you too.
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Default Ride Bell ?

Here's a couple more items copied & pasted from the General Chat board:


Many years ago, on a cold December night, an old greybeard biker was returning from a trip to Mexico with his saddlebags filled with toys and other assorted trinkets for the kids at a group home near where he worked.

As he rode along that night, he thought about how lucky he had been in life, having a loving riding partner that understood his need to roam the highways and about his trusty old bike that hadn't let him down once in the many years they had shared the road together.

About 40 miles north of the border, in the high desert, lurked a small group of notorious little critters known as Road Gremlins. You know, the ones who always leave little obstacles like one shoe, boards and pieces of old tires on the road and also dig those dreaded potholes for bikers to run over and crash, thus giving the Road Gremlins a chance to rejoice over their acts of evil.

As the old greybeard rounded a curve that moonlit night, the gremlins ambushed him, causing him to crash to the asphalt and skid before coming to a stop next to one of his saddlebags that had broken free. As he lay there, unable to move, the Road Gremlins made their way towards him. The greybeard, not being one to give up, started throwing things at the gremlins as they approached him. Finally, with nothing else to throw but a bell, he started ringing it in the hopes of scaring off the dirty little gremlins.

About a half mile away, camped in the desert, were two bikers sitting around the campfire talking about their day's ride and the freedom of the wind blowing in their faces as they rode across this vast country. In the stillness of the night air, they heard what sounded to them like church bells ringing and upon investigating, found the old biker lying along the roadside with the gremlins about to get him. Needless to say, being a part of the biker Brotherhood, they proceeded to ward off the gremlins until the last of them ran off into the night.

Being grateful to the two bikers, the old greybeard offerred to pay them for their help, but as all true bikers do, they refused to accept any type of payment from him. Not being one to let a good deed go unnoticed, the greybeard cut two pieces of leather from his saddlebag tassels and tied a bell to each one. He then placed them on each of the bikers' motorcycles, as near to the ground as possible. The tired, old road warrior then told the two travellers that with those bells placed on their bikes, they would be protected from the Road Gremlins and that if ever in trouble, just ring the bell and a fellow biker will come to their aid.

So, whenever you see a biker with a bell, you know that he has been blessed with the most important thing in life...friendship from a fellow biker.


It has been tradition among some of us for a long time to attach a brass bell to our left swingarm to remember our Brothers & Sisters who have gone down riding.

It's a small thing, but the reason a brass bell is chosen is that, as we ride, it gets dirty and tarnished. Everytime we get down to wash and polish it, we are reminded of friends lost and our thoughts turn to the meaning of being in the wind.

As we ride and the hear the bell ring, we know that our Brothers & Sisters are riding with us and how easy it would be to join them with a single mistake.

And maybe, just maybe, the next time a situation comes up, they will be there to help long as we remember them by polishing the bell.
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Default Ride Bell ?

lol and where do you get these bells?
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Default Ride Bell ?

There's ready-made Ride Bells being sold all over the Internet.....ebay, etc....but I prefer the older brass ride bells that can often be found at swap meets, junk shops & the like. The old ones are actually more than likely camel bells, but they're stylish, antique & very cool!

Not superstitious here, just a Traditionalist
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Default Ride Bell ?

I have never heard of 'ride bells' before ..... but must admit that I found that story quite moving.

Think I will be on the look-out for a 'ride bell' for my fella now ........ any extra thing that will keep him safe on the road, is good in my book. (might get one for myself as well)
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Default Ride Bell ?

The way I understand it is, if the bell is give to you it is even more powerful. Me and my daughter bought one each at a bike shop. When we walked out we exchanged "gifts". So far, those bells and a prayer haven't let us down. lol

(edit) And now I see "ddouble" has already mentioned this.
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Default Ride Bell ?

Some folks say it is silly ,I think its pretty cool. The way this old world has gotten now days ,it seems that anything good will have to help. I have a bell on my bike that my wife gave to me when I first started riding. She knows nothing about bikes but was in a little bike shop with me one day and noticed the bells. She bought one and gave it to me when we got back to the motel we were staying at. So far So good LOL

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Default Ride Bell ?

I've been looking, for awhile, for just a Plain, Heavy, Brass bell.Thought surely I'd find one here at Christmas time, but all I saw were very thin and light, probably not real brass. Well, today, at the flea mrkt. I bought a candle holder,REAL,HEAVY,PLAIN BRASS. ($3.00) The top screws off of the saucer and looks exactly like a bell. All I've got to do is drill a hole through the top and attach a "clanger". I got so excited, I had to pass this along. hahaha
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bell, ride

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