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Honda XL200

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1983 Honda XL200R

The XL200R'83 was sold in 1983 and came in just one color: Monza Red. The fuel tank, side covers, fenders, and frame were red. The side cover panels, seat, and fork boots were black. The "200R" side cover decal was solid white. The engine was an OHC single cylinder displacing 195cc linked to a 5 speed transmission. The California model serial number began JH2MD0611DK000001 while the other 49 states models had a serial number which began JH2MD0602DK000001.


1984 Honda XL200
1984 Honda XL200R

The XL200R'84 was sold in 1984 and also came in one color: Monza Red. It was just like the 1983 model except the "200R" side cover decal was red with a white outline. The California model serial number began JH2MD0616EK100001 while the other 49 states models had a serial number which began JH2MD0607EK000001.

  • Engine: 195cc four-stroke OHC
  • Front suspension: Air-assisted fork
  • Rear suspension: Pro-Link™
  • Wheelbase: 1373mm (54 in.)
  • Dry weight: 106 kg (233.6 lb)
  • Seat height: 851mm (33.5 in.)
  • Front wheel travel: 220mm (8.7 in.)
  • Rear wheel travel: 190mm (7.5 in.)

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