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Triumph Junior

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Triumph Junior

In 1913, a two-stroke, two speed, two-stroke 225cc 'junior' model specifically for women is announced. it has a top speed of 35 mph. it becomes known as the 'baby triumph.' this is the first new triumph engine since 1910. in 1915, the cleveland motorcycle company (usa) built a two-stroke lightweight which was almost an exact copy of triumph's junior model, and continued production of it until 1924. in 1916, Excelsior (USA, owned by schwinn) built its own junior clone under license, the l18, upgrading the engine to 269cc. a 269cc version of the junior was added by Triumph in 1920, and built under license in germany as well as in usa. in 1923, the junior increased to 249cc and received a clutch and a kickstart. (that's the model shown here).