AJS 7R350 Track Racer

AJS 7R350 Track Racer
Production 1930
Single cylinder, OHC
Transmission Close ratio gearbox
Suspension Front: Girder fork
Rear: Ridged, spring loaded saddle
Manuals Service Manual


The engine was a Air cooled cooled Single cylinder, OHC.


The front suspension was a Girder fork while the rear was equipped with a Ridged, spring loaded saddle.




AJS R7 Track Racer

This 350cc overhead camshaft machine dating from 1930 is the sole survivor from a small fleet of works machines with engines from 350cc to 750cc. They were built for racing at Brooklands and record-breaking both at the Surrey track and in France. The Wolverhampton factory’s speed equipe was managed by wealthy enthusiast Nigel Spring and its riders, including Bert Denly, Freddie Hicks and George Rowley, notched up many successes. This machine’s frame is three inches longer than standard for high-speed stability while the girder fork front suspension floats on ball bearings, rather than plain metal bushes. The close-ratio gearbox and clutch are special factory items and a ‘Brooklands can’ silencer is fitted to comply with circuit regulations. The all-over silver finish was a Spring trademark.

Make Model. AJS R7 Track Racer
Year 1930
Engine Type Single cylinder, OHC
Displacement 350 cc / 21.4 cub in
Cooling System Air cooled
Exhaust 1-into-1
Transmission Close ratio gearbox
Final Drive Chain
Front Suspension Girder fork
Rear Suspension Ridged, spring loaded saddle
Colours Racing Silver (Road version in standard enamel black)