BMW R nineT

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BMW R nine T
Also called R nine T Scrambler, R nineT Pure, R nineT Scrambler X, R nineT Urban GS X, R nineT Racer S, R nine T Pure C, R nineT Urban GS, R nine T Pure, R nineT Racer, R nineT Scrambler, R nineT
Production 2014 - 2019
Class Naked
two cylinder boxer, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 101.0mm x 73.0mm
Compression ratio 12.0:1
Top Speed 124 mph (200 km/h)
Horsepower 107.68 HP (80.3 KW) @ 7500RPM
Torque 85.56 ft/lbs (116.0 Nm) @ 6000RPM
Air Filter K&N BM-1204 `14-18[1]
Spark Plug NGK MAR8B-JDS `14-19[2]
Battery YUASA YTX14-BS `14-19[2]
Transmission Gear box: 6-speed
Clutch: single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated
Final Drive Shaft `14-19[2]
Suspension Front: telescopic forks with 43 mm fixed-tube diameter
Rear: cast aluminum single swinging arm with bmw motorrad paralever; central spring strut, spring preload steplessly adjustable by hook wrench, rebound-stage damping adjustable
Brakes Front: double disc. abs
Rear: single disc. abs
Front Tire 120/70-ZR19
Rear Tire 170/60-ZR17
Wheelbase 59.92 inches (1522 mm)
Length 85.63 inches (2175 mm)
Width 34.65 inches (880 mm)
Height 52.36 inches (1330 mm)
Seat Height 32.28 inches (820 mm)
Weight 485.02 pounds (220.0 Kg) (dry), 222.0 kg (wet)
Fuel Capacity 4.76 Gallon (18.00 Liters)
Fuel Consumption 5.00 liters/100 km (20.0 km/l or 47.04 mpg)
Manuals Service Manual

The BMW R nineT Scrambler was a two cylinder boxer, four-stroke Naked motorcycle produced by BMW between 2014 and 2019. It could reach a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h). Max torque was 85.56 ft/lbs (116.0 Nm) @ 6000 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 107.68 HP (80.3 KW) @ 7500 RPM.


The engine was a oil & air cooled two cylinder boxer, four-stroke. A 101.0mm bore x 73.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 1170.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a double overhead cams/twin cam (dohc).


The bike has a 6-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated.


It came with a 120/70-r19 front tire and a 170/60-r17 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via double disc. abs in the front and a single disc. abs in the rear. The front suspension was a telescopic forks with 43 mm fixed-tube diameter while the rear was equipped with a cast aluminum single swinging arm with bmw motorrad paralever; central spring strut, spring preload steplessly adjustable by hook wrench, rebound-stage damping adjustable. The R nineT Scrambler was fitted with a 4.76 Gallon (18.00 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 485.02 pounds (220.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 59.92 inches (1522 mm) long.

2014 BMW R nineT

2014 BMW R nineT 2014 BMW R nineT 2014 BMW R nineT 2014 BMW R nineT 2014 BMW R nineT

In honor of 90 years since the BMW's Motorrad division produced its first ever motorcycle, the House of Munich has designed the 2014 MY BMW R nineT. It is powered by an air-cooled, four-stroke, 1170cc, boxer twin cylinder powerhouse mated to a six-speed transmission and can produce 110 horsepower and 119 Nm of torque.

It has a custom bike feel, from its convertible seat, which can be easily switched from solo to two-up, to a wide range of accessories that help make every unit almost one-of-a-kind. Also, it is easily to customize with aftermarket parts, which appeals to those riders that want a custom bike, without the price tag that usually comes with one, as well as those who want a gritty naked machine, that will eat the miles up.

2015 BMW R nineT

2015 BMW R nineT 2015 BMW R nineT 2015 BMW R nineT 2015 BMW R nineT

The 2015 MY BMW R nineT, in its second year of production, features the same air-cooled, four-stroke, 1170cc, boxer twin cylinder powerhouse, as its predecessot, and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

It boasts the unmistakable boxer sound and feel, and can produce 110 horsepower and 119 Nm of torque. It addresses both riders who want a powerful naked roadster, as well as those who want a custom-like machine, thanks to a wide variety of aftermarket accessories and parts can be fitted on this two-wheeler. Also, it comes with BMW Motorrad ABS as standard, which makes for a safer machine, even when the going gets tough.

2016 BMW R nineT

The 2016 MY BMW R nineT is a roadster that comes with features such as BMW Motorrad ABS, a dual seat, double mufflers, laced wheels, dual front disc brakes, a 46mm upside-down telescopic fork coupled to a BMW Paralever rear suspension, an analogue and digital instrument cluster and laced wheels. In addition, a plethora of accessories and optional technologies are available at BMW dealers world-wide, offering the most room to tailor-fit a machine from the German brand.

In the tech/engine department it sports an air-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected, 1170cc, boxer twin cylinder engine paired to a six-speed manual transmission, that can reach a maximum power output of 110 horsepower and 119 Nm of torque.

2016 BMW R nineT Scrambler

2016 BMW R nineT Scrambler

The Scrambler version of the 2016 MY BMW R nineT is even more minimalist, and leaves an even wider palette for customization, as well as features that are sure to fit the taste of the more nostalgic among riders. It comes with BMW Motorrad ABS as standard, a brown, dual seat, blacked-out, cast-aluminum wheels, an analogue instrumentation panel, and mid-mounted foot pegs, for a more comfortable riding position.

As the base model, it boasts a maximum power output of 110 horsepower and 119 Nm of torque from its fuel-injected, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 1170cc, boxer twin cylinder engine.

2017 BMW R nineT

BMW has updated its R nineT for 2017 and added a new version, the R nineT Urban G/S, that draws from the original R 80 G/S from 1980. The R nineT retains the original version's modular frame and boxer engine, but is updated with new wheels, a fully adjustable inverted fork and revised steering geometry that has slightly more rake and trail.



Motorcycling has always been a passionate lifestyle. For the past 90 years BMW Motorrad has been ensuring that this remains the same in the future, too. For those who like it pure and original, BMW Motorrad has now developed the perfect machine: the BMW R nineT. A motorcycle featuring purist design and numerous ways of customizing it. BMW R nineT: Pure Authenticity. Riding a motorcycle and feeling free. The BMW R nineT combines this feeling with a casually cool look which, in spite of all the details, is unmistakably a member of the BMW family. Further criteria such as ride feel, design and sound lay the foundation for an independent, authentic lifestyle. BMW R nineT: Pure Customizing The BMW R nineT is powered by an air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke flat twin engine. The instruments consisting of speedometer and tachometer harken back to historical times and emphasize the essential and minimalist visual appeal of the motorcycle. The BMW R nineT is equipped with an upside down fork at the front and with the BMW Motorrad Paralever at the rear. However, the nineT does not only stand out due to its pure design. The nineT offers great options for individualization. No customizing wish is left unfilled. For example there is the removable rear frame, enough space for 6 inch rims and many other options. Even though the BMW R nineT offers so many modification opportunities it remains a real BMW motorcycle from a technical point of view. Standard-fitted ABS ensures highest-degree safety for the nineT, too.

BMW R nineT. Pure Lifestyle. Pure passion, pure design, pure riding pleasure. This is what makes the BMW R nineT so essential for the classic enthusiast. Modify, ride, have fun. The nineT leaves nothing to be desired with regard to customization. Design your motorcycle, design your life. One name, one purist lifestyle: BMW R nineT. Created to mark “90 Years of BMW Motorrad” The 2014 BMW R nineT radiates both purity and power. It skillfully blends the boxer engine’s iconic character and classic design traits of bygone motorcycle eras with cutting-edge technology and a modular concept that offers a wide range of customization opportunities. The classic roadster bike is built for motorcycle enthusiasts who yearn for unadulterated, stress-free riding pleasure. When designing the nineT, terms such as “purist simplicity”, “emotion” and “authentic, traditional materials” were high on the list of priorities. Styling cues from old-school motorcycle production are united with the very latest drive and chassis components on the nineT to produce a sensational motorcycle that is just as adept at cruising serenely as it is powering down country roads. Powered by a classic boxer engine. Like BMW’s first-ever motorcycle – the legendary 1923 BMW R 32 – the new BMW R nineT is powered by a classic flat twin boxer engine which delivers quick acceleration from a standstill. This construction principle has been synonymous with unmistakable design, abundant torque delivery and inimitable acoustics for 90 years. The nineT employs the 1,170 cc air/oil-cooled boxer unit which produces 81 kW (110 hp) at 7,550 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 119 Nm (88 lb-ft) at 6,000 rpm.

Conceived for maximum customization. The nineT pools together genes from 90 years of BMW Motorrad in a unique concept designed to appeal to customization fans. During each stage of the roadster’s development, focus was placed on enabling riders to tailor it to their personal preferences in a variety of ways. The choice of modifications ranges from BMW Motorrad genuine accessories to custom-made add-on or accessory parts from specialist customizers. The ability to customize the nineT is largely due to its special frame concept. The tubular steel spaceframe that was specially developed for the nineT incorporates the boxer engine as a load-bearing element. The frame’s basic construction consists of a front frame section with integral steering head and a rear section with swingarm mounting. The removable pillion frame allows the nineT to offer a stylish design whether riding two up or solo. With the aluminum tail cover available as a special accessory, the nineT has a look that is reminiscent of early café racers. Exhaust positioned on left with twin silencers (mufflers) and customization options. The exhaust system that runs down the left-hand side with two silencers (mufflers) placed one above the other is fully in keeping with the concept of a classic sporty roadster. There is room for customization here too, courtesy of the BMW Motorrad accessory range. Adding a real touch of technical finesse to the nineT, for instance, is the Akrapovic unit made of titanium. By installing a short or long connecting pipe, the silencer can be mounted in either a lowered or a raised position, radically altering the appearance and character of the nineT. Traditional chassis design combined with high-performance technology. The telelever usually equipped on the boxer models from BMW Motorrad has been replaced on the BMW R nineT by an upside-down telescopic fork borrowed from the S 1000 RR superbike, resulting in a distinctly classic look paired with top-tier engineering. The rear suspension employs the paralever single-sided swingarm in conjunction with a central spring strut.

The housing for the rear axle drive includes three mounting points that can be used to attach a bracket for positioning the license plate and brake/tail light unit on one side. What’s more, the swingarm on the nineT is designed in such a way that a 17-inch wheel with a width of 6 inches can be substituted for the standard 5.5-inch-wide version, if permitted. Designed as an out-and-out roadster, the nineT follows in the tire tracks of role models from the past by featuring wire-spoke wheels with black anodized alloy, non-flanged rims, black aluminum hubs and stainless steel spokes. Radial 4-piston monoblock brake callipers work in unison with floating 320 millimeter (12.6 inch) brake discs and BMW Motorrad ABS to provide definitive stopping power. Pared-down design and hand-built character.

One of the overriding design objectives was to reduce the bodywork as much as possible to achieve a purist look. The attention to detail that consistently infused the work of the designers and engineers on the nineT is evident throughout. The sides of the 18-liter (4.8 gallon) aluminum tank have been painstakingly brushed by hand and then coated. The aluminum plate with embossed nineT lettering on the right above the air intake duct is another example of the bike’s hand-built character. The surfaces of many forged aluminum parts, including the yokes and the handlebar clamp bracket with BMW Motorrad lettering, have been glass bead-blasted and then given a natural anodized finish. The circular headlamp with the BMW emblem in the center of the bulb cover pays homage to previous role models from 90 years of BMW Motorrad. A classic Black Storm Metallic paint finish with contrasting silver and metallic highlights was chosen to complement the character of the nineT.

Specially designed electrical system to allow plenty of scope for customization. The bike’s electrical system has been specially configured for greater technical flexibility, facilitating the installation of alternative electrical components, such as headlights or turn indicators. Technology. BMW R nineT – classic roadster with a powerful, customizable character. To mark the company’s 90th anniversary, BMW Motorrad is presenting the BMW R nineT as a commemorative model for enthusiasts and customers alike. The nineT embodies the brand values of 90 years of BMW Motorrad and neatly sums up the company’s illustrious past with a unique concept, pure riding pleasure, a classic pure design, and a deliberate focus on the technical essentials. This is a classic roadster model exuding style and expressiveness -- the perfect choice for anyone looking for a pure, unadulterated bike with thrilling on-road performance. But there’s more to the BMW R nineT than being a BMW motorcycle with an unprecedented design. Besides its technical functionality, the BMW Motorrad development team also paid close attention to the emotional bond between man and machine – all in keeping with the principle that, apart from working flawlessly on a technical level, a motorcycle must also stimulate all of its rider’s senses, trigger strong emotions and provide non-stop thrills, whether it’s pulling up in front of a café or riding along country roads. To this effect, the nineT employs definitive styling cues from past motorcycle eras – and yet this is no retro bike. Rather, it synthesizes state-of-the-art technical features from high-performance sports machines with classic principles derived from 90 years of BMW Motorrad, and applies them with compelling handcraftsmanship. Ideally suited for customization. Customization allows motorcycles to be tailored to the owner’s personal preferences. Possible enhancements range from the usual, original accessories to limited individual components or even one-off designs. With the nineT, BMW Motorrad is appealing to the desire of many motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to be creative with their bike and modify it to suit their individual taste and intended use. As a result, not only does the new BMW R nineT boast a particularly sophisticated overall concept that lends itself to being individually modified, it also includes some far-reaching technical provisions for undertaking further customization work beyond choosing from the extensive range of special equipment from BMW Motorrad.

As such, the nineT and its unique design concept revolutionize the interaction between rider and machine. For the first time, customers can become actively involved in designing their BMW, a process which entails far more than simply adding optional extras or special accessories, as is usually the case. Taking the existing central components of engine and chassis as a basis, the nineT rider has a wealth of options for individually customizing it as they please. Spirited BMW Motorrad boxer engine with short secondary transmission ratio for dynamic riding pleasure. For 90 years, the longitudinal twin-cylinder boxer engine and power transmission by means of a cardan shaft drive have been synonymous with BMW motorcycles. Consequently, there could be no other choice when it came to selecting the drive configuration for this project, which was, after all, initiated to commemorate “90 Years of BMW Motorrad”. Ever since the first BMW motorcycle – the R 32 – made its debut in 1923, BMW Motorrad boxer engines have been renowned for unmistakable, rugged design, abundant torque delivery and an unrivalled sound. The BMW R nineT features the air/oil-cooled 1,170 cc boxer engine with a bore of 101 millimeters and a stroke of 73 millimeters that is already familiar on numerous BMW Motorrad models. Output peaks at 81 kW (110 hp) at 7,550 rpm, while maximum torque of 119 Nm (88 lb-ft) is generated at 6,000 rpm and the rev ceiling is set at 8,500 rpm. The valves are installed in a radial arrangement in the combustion chamber and their timing is controlled by means of chain-driven double overhead camshafts (DOHC) for each cylinder. The valves are actuated by cam followers of a very lightweight design, making them ideal for higher rpm, while lightweight hemispherical shims are used for valve clearance compensation. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via the proven six-speed gearbox and the cardan shaft drive. In keeping with the dynamic character of the nineT, the secondary transmission ratio of the pinion and ring gear has been lowered for optimum accelerating power and the smoothest possible gear shifts. Twin-pipe exhaust on left-hand side for inimitable boxer sound.

The exhaust system that runs down the left-hand side, with two silencers (mufflers) in blasted stainless steel positioned one above the other, fits perfectly with the notion of a classically designed, sporty roadster. Indeed, it is a design that has been used in similar form in the past, for example on sport and racing bikes in the ’60s and ’70s. The BMW R nineT also features an acoustic valve operated by an electric servomotor and opening and closing cables to deliver the deep resonant boxer sound that riders favor while remaining within legal sound limits. The BMW Motorrad accessory range for the nineT offers customers various options for the exhaust system that allow the nineT to be adapted to personal tastes. Installing the Akrapovic silencer/muffler in titanium with carbon heat shields, for instance, adds a special touch of technical finesse. There is also the option of lowering or raising the exhaust system by installing a short or long connecting pipe to the front silencer/muffler, opening up even greater possibilities for the bike’s styling and giving it more of a café racer or scrambler feel.

Modular frame concept for a host of possible variations. The nineT features a specially designed frame concept that also permits customization. The previous frame design has been replaced by a completely, newly developed tubular steel spaceframe on the BMW R nineT, with a modular construction consisting of four components: a front main frame, a rear main frame, a frame end-piece as well as a pillion frame, which are all bolted to one another. With its removable frame end-piece and pillion frame, the BMW R nineT offers customers plenty of possibilities for varying the visual appearance and character of the sporty roadster model to suit their preferences. This is a bike built for keen performance, so the geometry of the nineT chassis has been configured first and foremost for superb handling and riding pleasure on winding country roads. The wheelbase measures 58.1 inches, the trail 4.04 inches and the Steering Head Angle 64.5 degrees. From a roadster for two to a sporty racer for one. The BMW R nineT leaves the factory in the form of a classic, sporty roadster that can carry two people. Despite the low rider’s seat height (approx. 30.9 inches) and narrow straddle width, both rider and pillion passenger can be seated comfortably. The optional comfort rear seat provides both a larger seat area and extra cushioning for the passenger. If sporty solo riding is on the agenda, the pillion frame can be removed by undoing its eight bolts. An aluminum tail cover can also be installed to complete the classic café racer look. The custom rider’s seat with its slender, low-slung design combines with the classy nineT lettering to reveal the bike’s character as an uncompromising riding machine that has been pared down to the absolute essentials. Classic wheel suspension featuring upside-down telescopic fork at the front and paralever at the rear. The telelever front suspension usually installed on the boxer models from BMW Motorrad has been replaced on the BMW R nineT by a premium upside-down telescopic fork borrowed from the S 1000 RR superbike, producing an even more harmonious classic look and enabling more extensive chassis modifications to be carried out far more easily. Spring travel is 120 millimeters (4.7 inches). Wheel location at the rear is by the proven paralever single-sided swingarm used on the remaining air/oil-cooled generation of boxer models. The task of wheel suspension and damping is performed by a central spring strut with a spring painted in white. The spring preload can be adjusted hydraulically with ease using a hand wheel made from forged aluminum, while the rebound damping is infinitely adjustable. Spring travel is likewise 120 millimeters (4.7 inches). The housing for the rear axle drive incorporates an innovative feature for further customizing the nineT. The housing, as on the other boxer models, includes three mounting points that can be used, for example, to attach a bracket for positioning the license plate on one side together with the light unit. The nineT also has so much room between the silencers (mufflers) and swingarm that the standard 5.5-inch-wide 17-inch wheel can be replaced with a 6-inch-wide version. Such modifications, however, are dependent upon state and federal regulations. Traditional wire-spoke wheels and high-performance brakes. In traditional roadster fashion, the new BMW R nineT rides on high-quality wire-spoke wheels comprising black anodized alloy non-flanged rims, cast aluminum hubs, stainless steel spokes as well as tubed tires, size 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear.

The 17-inch wheels and the tire sizes represent the state of the art for sporty motorcycles designed for performance riding, while the stainless steel wire spokes and the black hubs and rims evoke the trademark styling cues and flair of bygone eras from 90 years of BMW Motorrad. This creates a stark contrast to the sophisticated high-performance twin-disc brake that is more than a match for the dynamic performance abilities of the nineT. Featuring radial 4-piston monoblock brake callipers, steel-braided brake lines and floating 320 mm (12.6 inch) brake discs, it ensures superior, fade-resistant stopping power even on the sportiest of rides. Braking power at the rear is provided by a 265 mm (10.4 inch) single-disc brake with twin-piston floating caliper. The nineT already comes equipped as standard with BMW Motorrad ABS, as do all BMW motorcycles. Specially designed electrical system boosts scope for customization. The electronics have undergone a thorough overhaul to allow more extensive modification of the nineT’s technology. For example, the parameters and interfaces in the bike’s electrical system have been configured to enable alternative electrical components, such as headlights or indicators, to be installed as required. Separating the engine and vehicle wiring harnesses keeps the amount of work involved to a manageable level even when carrying out major modifications to the motorcycle. This is an important consideration for professional customizers.

Note – Modifications to the BMW R nineT may void your BMW Limited Warranty. Any technical modifications should comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Design, workmanship and color scheme. Pared down styling and hand-built character. Whether with high- or low-mounted exhaust system, sporty aluminum tail cover or double seat – the nineT has many different appearances, but they are all equally compelling. In silhouette, the BMW R nineT is the epitome of casual elegance. The boxer engine, compact fuel tank and lean tail-end styling are just some of the features that help to give this bike its classic BMW Motorrad roadster proportions. One of the designers’ main goals was to give the body a pared-down, back-to-basics look. This focus on only the most basic design elements of the motorcycle allows the nineT to express stylish individuality using just a small number of additional crafted components. From every angle, the appearance of the nineT is defined by a mix of classic and modern motorcycle styling themes, combined with high-quality surface finishes.

The front. The nineT’s classic round headlamp – the central focus of the front silhouette – projects a sense of maturity and poise. A powerful high-tech contrast is provided by the gold-anodized outer tubes in the upside-down forks, while the classic shape of the boxer engine helps to create lean overall lines. The instrument cluster, comprising two classic round speedometer and tachometer gauges, is smoothly and harmoniously integrated into the overall front-end design. The simple styling of these gauges reflects the classic inspiration behind the nineT’s engineering, but at the same time incorporates the convenience and amenities of modern technology. For example, the nineT comes equipped with an onboard computer that shows key information – such as time of day, engaged gear, remaining range, trip mileage, servicing interval and average speed and fuel consumption – very clearly in a large, segmented display. The tank. The 4.8-gallon aluminum tank and the aluminum plate with embossed nineT lettering over the air intake on the right-hand side are eye-catching elements. The nineT’s high standards of manufacturing quality are reflected in the meticulously hand-brushed and coated tank sides which accentuate the grain of the aluminum to full effect. The knee area can be further customized with optional classic-style rubber kneepads. Like the brushed aluminum tank surfaces, the air intake cover is naturally anodized and its finely brushed, high-tech surface neatly round out the styling in this area. The separate comfort rear seat cover is also made of aluminum, with a similar surface finish. Key Features •Purist design. •Hand-built feel to the workmanship. •Air/oil-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of 1,170 cc. Output 81 kW (110 hp) at 7,550 rpm, maximum torque 119 Nm (88 lb-ft) at 6,000 rpm. •Ideally suited to customization. •Modular frame concept with removable pillion frame and frame end-piece. •Classic wheel suspension concept using high-quality upside-down telescopic fork at the front and paralever at the rear. •Exhaust system with two silencers (mufflers) on the left-hand side, with variation options. •Traditional wire-spoke wheels with black rims and hubs. •Radial 4-piston monoblock brake callipers, steel-braided brake lines and floating 320 mm (12.6 inch) brake discs. •Model plate riveted onto steering head in classic BMW Motorrad style. •Personalized range of special accessories made to BMW Motorrad’s customary high standards of quality. Features and Benefits Attention to detail. Many details draw attention to the nineT’s high-quality, hand-built character. For example, the yokes with their tapered bolt bosses and the tapered steering damper mount are superior forged aluminum parts with glass-bead-blasted and naturally anodized finish. Also made of aluminum, the clamp bracket for the tapered aluminum handlebars has embossed BMW Motorrad lettering, while the riveted model plate on the steering head – reminiscent of classic BMW motorcycle designs – is further evidence of the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into the development of the nineT. References to historic forerunners from 90 years of BMW Motorrad manufacturing can be seen in the wire-spoked wheels with black rims and the headlamp with its sheet steel housing and BMW emblem centrally positioned on the bulb cover. An unusual feature is the vertical mounting of the headlamp by means of a meticulously finished aluminum bracket connected to the lower yoke. The nineT also boasts white turn signal lenses and an LED rear light. The front fender is bolted by two forged brackets to the fork bases and is one of many details that exemplifies the nineT’s allegiance to classic motorcycle styling themes. Again, a glass-bead-blasted and naturally anodized finish demonstrates the high-quality workmanship of the nineT. Forged parts, such as the aluminum seat mount or the adjustment knob for the shock absorber, are likewise glass bead-blasted and naturally anodized.

The narrowed seat, too, boasts a high-quality, hand-built feel. It is trimmed with high-quality leather-effect material and edged with a contrasting white, hand-sewn double lap seam. On the left rear edge of the rider’s seat is a small fabric label with a blue nineT logo. Classic yet modern color scheme. The new BMW R nineT is available in only one color scheme. Matching the character of the bike, this is based on classic black (Black Storm Metallic), with silver and metallic contrasts. The classic, pared down elegance of the nineT is supported by black anodized components such as the frame and engine block. These contrasts and a high-tech look and feel are provided by the gold-anodized fork tubes and numerous aluminum surfaces with various grains. In the drivetrain area, the paralever swingarm and magnesium valve covers are accentuated in Granite Grey Metallic Matt. The main body of the two-tone fuel tank of the nineT is finished in Black Storm Metallic, while its sides are meticulously brushed and coated in aluminum. Equipment range. BMW Motorrad’s range of special accessories and rider accessories are specially tailored to the overall character of the nineT. BMW Motorrad special accessories can be installed by authorized BMW Motorrad dealers or by customers themselves. Special accessories. •Tank Bag with attachment system. •Rear bag with attachment system. •Kneepads for tank sides. •Aluminum tail cover with padded backrest. •Custom rider’s seat with R nineT logo. •Comfort rear seat. •HP Carbon cover for engine block. •HP Carbon front fender. •Titanium Akrapovic exhaust system. •Connector pipe, long, with bracket and cover for Akrapovic silencer/muffler,

high-mounted. •Connector pipe, short, for Akrapovic silencer/muffler, low-mounted. •Mount for standard Akrapovic silencer or accessory rear silencer/muffler (low-mounted), if pillion seat removed. •Anti-theft alarm system. •Heated grips. •LED turn signals. •Mounting cradle for BMW Navigator, with connection to electrical system. Rider’s Apparel and Vintage Collection. •BlackLeather jacket. •FivePocket trousers. •BMW Motorrad Style Vintage collection


Make Model BMW R NineT
Year 2014
Engine Type Four stroke, two cylinder horizontally opposed Boxer, two camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder, central counterbalancer shaft.
Displacement 1170 cc / 71.4 cub in.
Bore X Stroke 101 x 73 mm
Cooling System Air/Oil cooled
Compression 12.0:1
Lubrication Wet sump
Induction Electronic intake pipe injection
Emission Control Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Alternator Three-phase alternator 600 W
Battery 12 V / 14 Ah, maintenance-free
Starting Electric
Max Power 81 kW / 110 hp @ 7550 rpm
Max Torque 119 Nm / 12.1 kgf-m / 88 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm
Clutch Single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated
Transmission Constant mesh 6-speed
Final Drive Shaft
Gear Ratios Ist 2.375 / 2nd 1.696 / 3rd 1.296 / 4th 1.065 / 5th 0.939 / 6th 0.848:1
Frame Four-section frame consisting of one front and three rear sections, load-bearing engine-gearbox unit, removable pillion frame for single ride use
Front Suspension Upside-Down telescopic fork with 46 mm diameter
Front Wheel Travel 120 mm / 4.7 in
Rear Suspension Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Rear Wheel Travel 120 mm / 4.7 in
Front Brakes 2 x ∅320mm floating brake discs, 4 piston radial calipers
Rear Brakes Single ∅265mm disc, 2 piston floating caliper
Abs BMW Motorrad ABS
Rim Front 3.50 x 17
Rim Rear 5.50 x 17
Front Tire 120/70 - ZR17
Rear Tire 180/55 - ZR17
Castor 102.5 mm / 4.04 in
Steering Head Angle 64.5 °
Wheelbase 1470 mm / 58.1 in
Dimensions Length 2220 mm / 87.4 in Width 890 mm / 35.0 in (incl. mirrors) Height 1265 mm / 59.8 in (excl. mirrors)
Seat Height 784.8 mm / 30.9 in Standard
Inner Leg Curve 1760.2 mm / 69.3 in Standard
Gvwr 430 kg / 948 lbs
Dry Weight 208 kg / 459 lbs
Wet Weight 222 kg / 489 lb
Fuel Capacity 18 Liters / 4.8 US gal
Reserve 3 Liters / 0.8 gal


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