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|name            = '''BSA B44 Shooting Star'''
|name            = '''BSA B44 Shooting Star'''
|image            =
|photo= BSA B44 ss.jpg
|aka              = B 44 Shooting Star
|aka              = B 44 Shooting Star
|manufacturer    = [[BSA]]
|manufacturer    = [[BSA]]
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|ignition        =
|ignition        =
|spark_plug      =
|spark_plug      =
|battery          = 9.5:1
|battery          =  
|transmission    = Gear box: 4-speed <br>
|transmission    = Gear box: 4-speed <br>
Final Drive: [[chain]] <br>
Final Drive: [[chain]] <br>

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BSA B44 Shooting Star

The BSA B44 Shooting Star is a 500cc, single cylinder, four stroke, street motorcycle manufactured by BSA from 1967 through 1970.

The Shooting Star shared the stage with its brother, the BSA B44VS Victor Special. It's forerunner was the BSA C25 247cc single cylinder Barracuda, Victor Ednduro, Victor Special, and Victor Roadster.

The Shooting Star had a low swept street exhaust system, drum brakes, slim fuel tank with knee sinks. Fenders were standard street fenders with the rear fender suspended above the rear tire by a few inches.



1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star in Red
1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star in Red
1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star in Red
1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star in Red
1968 BSA B44 Shooting Star in Red


BSA B44 ss.jpg
'BSA B44 Shooting Star'
Also called B 44 Shooting Star
Production 1965 - 1970
Class [[:Category:Classic motorcycles|Classic]] [[Category:Classic motorcycles]]
single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 79.0mm x 90.0mm
Compression ratio 11.4:1
Top Speed 96 mph (155 km/h)
Horsepower 29.37 HP (21.9 KW) @ 6500RPM
Transmission Gear box: 4-speed

Final Drive: chain

Clutch: wet multi-disc, manual
Suspension Front: hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear: dual shocks
Brakes Front: expanding brake
Rear: expanding brake
Front Tire 3.25-18
Rear Tire 3.50-18
Wheelbase 52.01 inches (1321 mm)
Length 82.01 inches (2083 mm)
Width 27.99 inches (711 mm)
Seat Height 31.1 inches (790 mm)
Weight 155.0 kg (wet)
Fuel Capacity 3.96 Gallon (15.00 Liters)
Manuals Service Manual

The BSA B44 Shooting Star was a single cylinder, four-stroke Classic motorcycle produced by BSA between 1965 and 1970. It could reach a top speed of 96 mph (155 km/h). Claimed horsepower was 29.37 HP (21.9 KW) @ 6500 RPM.


The engine was a air cooled single cylinder, four-stroke. A 79.0mm bore x 90.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 441.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a overhead valves (ohv).


The bike has a 4-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the wet multi-disc, manual.


It came with a 3.25-18 front tire and a 3.50-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake in the front and a expanding brake in the rear. The front suspension was a hydraulic telescopic fork while the rear was equipped with a dual shocks. The B44 Shooting Star was fitted with a 3.96 Gallon (15.00 Liters) fuel tank. The wheelbase was 52.01 inches (1321 mm) long.

1965 - 1970 BSA B44 Shooting Star

1965 - 1970 BSA B44 Shooting Star 1965 - 1970 BSA B44 Shooting Star 1965 - 1970 BSA B44 Shooting Star 1965 - 1970 BSA B44 Shooting Star

The 1965 BSA B44 Shooting Star comes with standard features such as laced wheels, a dual seat, pillion grab rails, an analogue instrument cluster, a chromed pea-shooter exhaust system, dual shocks as a rear suspension, a telescopic front fork, a large headlight and a drum braking system. At its heart lies an air-cooled, four-stroke, 441cc, single cylinder powerplant mated to a four-speed manual transmission and can produce a claimed 30 horsepower at 6500 rpm.

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