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Big Dog is an American chopper-style motorcycle manufacturer established in 1994. In the first year, the company produced a single motorcycle with a funny name, "Old Smokey". It was a success if we take into account the fact that by 1997, the company had reached $2 Million in sales. In 2000, the company had expanded and had to move to a new 110,000 square foot factory. Since then, the V-twin company has built over 20,000 motorcycles. Calling it a V-twin company means that they use only V-twin engines for their bikes.

The Big Dog company has a network of over 100 dealers but most of them are on United States territory. Designing and production take place in Wichita, Kansas, the home of Big Dog Motorcycle. They have there a 175,000 square-foot facility and they employ over 300 people. Their current line-up includes two categories: the Chopper Line and the ProStreet Line.

On the Big Dog Motorcycle's list of custom made over the years we can find the Vintage Classic (1994), Coyote (1995), Proglide (1996), Aerosport (1997), Pitbull (1998), Wolf (2000), Mastiff (2001), Chopper (2003), Ridgeback (2004), Bulldog (2005) and K-9 (2006). Having created five different stallions, the company intends to manufacture models for every taste. All of them are different but share some similarities. All of them feature a 117 cubic inch engine, and 9.6:1 compression ratio 6-speed transmissions and big tires,  the differences between the models including rear tire width, 250mm versus 300mm.

On the same list there is, also, the BDM Balance Drive System that places the final drive on the right side of the bike. With this system, the bike provides " superior balance, agility, and easier cornering, even for wide-tire motorcycles."Leaving the "heart" aside, the Big Dog Motorcycles combine the custom look with a rider-friendly sensation, every motorcycle addicted being able to add optional components in order to create his bike: seats, sissy bar, painted struts, graphics and frame colors.