Bimota DB11 VLX

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Bimota DB11
Also called DB11 VLX
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Bimota DB11

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bimota DB11 VLX

Bimota is known for making some exquisite machines by taking production motors from other OEMs, and wrapping those engines in frames of Italian company’s own design. Art on two wheels, Bimota rarely strays from this formula, though when it does, something interesting usually happens. A full-fairing machine with a Ducati Testastretta 11° engine at it core, what is really interesting about the VLX version of the DB11 is the supercharger that lurks underneath the fairings. The Bimota DB11 VLX  makes an impressive 188hp with an even more impressive 105 lbs•ft of torque, compared to the more “reasonable” 160hp of the base model . That ludicrous amount of power is due to a , which has been further modified by Bimota’s engineering team. Brakes are Brembo monoblocs, while the suspension is by Öhlins, both front and rear. The exhaust is made by Athena, but designed in-house by Bimota. The 2013 Bimota DB11 VLX tips the scales at 394 lbs dry. Source: Bimota

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