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[[Image:10_GoldWing_Yel.jpg|200px|thumb|right|[[Honda GL1800|2010 Honda Goldwing 1800]] in yellow]]
Honda Goldwing Series.
[[Honda]] '''Goldwing''' Series. Interestingly enough the first Honda bike to use the GL designation was the [[Honda_CL175#GL175K1|GL175K1]], which was a derivative of the [[:Category:Honda CL series|Scrambler family]].  The Goldwing as it is known to most people was first launched in 1975 with the [[Honda GL1000|GL1000]].  Today the Goldwing is a motorcycle in a class of it's own.  Most other [[List of Motorcycle Manufacturers|motorcycle manufacturers]] have tried to enter the Comfort Touring market (is that what it is?), with little success such as the [[Kawasaki ZG1200B|Kawasaki Voyager]], [[Yamaha XVZ13D|Yamaha Venture]], and [[Suzuki GV1400|Suzuki Cavalcade]].  The only one that has had long lived success could be arguably [[BMW]] with their K series of bikes such as the [[BMW K1200LT]].
[[Category:Honda motorcycles]]
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