The CycleChaos Motorcycle Wiki is a cooperative attempt to record information of use to the Motorcycle Community. There are 19,993 pages right now, but we could always do with more! You can make that happen. See wanted pages for articles that need to be written.

Project GoalsEdit

Specific GoalsEdit

  • Be the most comprehensive site for Japanese information
    • Make a complete listing of all Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha models.
    • Obtain pictures of original literature such as brochures and magazine articles where available
  • Introduce information about other brands of bikes starting with (BMW, Ducati, Harley, KTM, Triumph, and Victory)
  • Determine what is the best way to present specifications in a wiki.
  • Make it easy for contributors to create User pages with pictures and info about their bike.
  • Easier Upload capabilities
  • Firefox Extension for external editing of images. (this is halfway done but needs more work such as autocomplete)
  • Develop structured policies.
  • Explore developing site in other languages.

Unstructured GoalsEdit

  • To support motorcyclists and motorcycling worldwide via the CycleChaos website by providing a FREE useful, helpful and friendly place to learn, visit and share with other fellow motorcyclists.
  • To keep adding free useful and helpful online handbooks, guides and more for your enjoyment.
  • To keep our visitors, members, supporters always wanting more and coming back for more.


Please remember the following things as you work to improve the wiki:

No personal attacksEdit

There has often been and probably always will be conflict between people and groups within the community. It would be nice if these conflicts did not spread to here. Please do not use the Wiki as a platform for your personal disagreements. If you think something you type is likely to be taken as a personal attack, or derogatory to another person in the community, please consider whether you could phrase it in a more neutral way. If in doubt as to how to do this, ask one of the administrators how to word it, or even to add it in for you.

Keep it appropriateEdit

Please remember that this is a site about motorcycles and anyone can visit it Write appropriately!

Keep to the truthEdit

When you're looking for Motorcycle-related info, you almost certainly expect tips and information you find to be accurate and reliable. On the Motorcycle Wiki we'd like to keep it that way. Make sure that, unless an article's tone is deliberately humorous, you don't add anything untrue or misleading to it.

With regard to the future and the things it holdsEdit

Finally, when posting information relating to future projects and mysterious secret happenings, keep in mind: "Do I have anything to offer to readers of the wiki besides secrecy or general lack of information?" Often, if you're trying to keep something secret or have not decided much about your project, it is likely better to wait until it isn't secret anymore or until you have something to show the general public before posting it on here. This will prevent the wiki from ending up with a collection of dead pages about projects that were started but never saw the light.

Thank you for reading. :-)


  • Google Analytics is used to monitor sitewide web usage patterns, and gives a variety of information on how users get to the wiki, where they go, and much much more. Please contact Budlight if you want access to these (you need to get a GMail or other google account first).
  • The Alexa stats give another idea of how the site is being used. (Not particularly accurate as it seems mostly webmasters use the toolbar that collects data)
  • CycleChaos Statistics gives us an idea of how many pages we have, how many pictures we have, and how well-used the wiki is.