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1956 Gilera Sport 175

Gilera is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in Arcore in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera. In 1969 the company was purchased by the Piaggio & Co. SpA -- which now holds six marques and is the world's fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer.

1951 Gilera Saturno

1957 Gilera 4 500cc

1989 Gilera Saturno

1949 Gilera Saturno San Remo


Saturno TurismoEdit

1947 Gilera Saturno Turismo

Designed in the late 1930s, the Saturno went into production in 1946 and was a success for the company. Very similar to the BSA Gold Star in that it was available in turismo, sport or competition form, and the list of special equipment was impressive. Gilera even made available a motorcross version that was successful in national events

B300 TwinEdit

1956 Gilera B300 Twin

The sensation of the 1953 Milan show, the 300 twin was a virtually doubled-up version of the well developed 150cc single. Although lacking in power the B300 was exceptionally smooth, easy to start and very flexible. This was a luxury tourer from a company that mainly produced inexpensive lightweights that sold in the US under the Sears and Roebuck label.