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Gilera RV125
Gilera RV125
Manufacturer Gilera
Production 1984 -
Engine Two stroke, single cylinder
Ignition type Electronic
Transmission 6 Speed
Suspension Front: Marzocchi telscopic forks
Rear: Single Marzocchi shock
Brakes Front: Single 260mm disc
Rear: Drum
Front Tire 2.15 -16
Rear Tire 2.15 -18
Weight  (dry), 134 kg / 295 lbs (wet)
Manuals Service Manual
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The engine was a Liquid cooled, cooled Two stroke, single cylinder. The engine featured a compression ratio.


It came with a 2.15 -16 front tire and a 2.15 -18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via Single 260mm disc in the front and a Drum in the rear. The front suspension was a Marzocchi telscopic forks while the rear was equipped with a Single Marzocchi shock. The RV125 was fitted with a fuel tank.


Gilera RV125 Gilera RV125 Gilera RV125 Gilera RV125


Gilera RV125

Presented at the Milan Show in November 1983 and sold from May 1984, the RV 125 is placed immediately to the top of its class for exceptional technical, aesthetic and functional. Indeed, particularly as the balancer, the electric start (optional) and a thermometer with very complete equipment of the coolant had never seen on a 125, and that even though the well-equipped direct competitor, Aprilia STX, boasted. The RV 125 (and the RX SUV) was an important success for the home of Arcore that in 1984 saw an increase in production of 376% or by 2,590 registered motorcycles in 1983 to 12,294 motorcycles registered in 1984 well! In 1985 production rose further to 19,518 units, demonstrating the enormous and enduring success of the RV / RX. (Source Motorsports). The RV was in the list until 1990, although the news in the meantime introduced by competitors and the Gilera itself, soon made it obsolete.

Price in 1984: 3,138,210 turnkey Lira (Lira Mr. Electric 177 000)

Colours: White cream with choice of red or black saddle with red decalcoamnie

MY 1985: red or red or black saddle with silver decals

MY 1986: black and red saddle embossed red

The bike soon

The modern style of RV is naturally of great impact and now seems to face a motion of larger displacement. The fairing provides good wind protection and fits well in the aesthetics of the bike, although not as good can be said for the mirrors that are not integrated into the structure of the fairing and, therefore, must be attached to the handlebars disturbing not just the purity of line. Also very good aerodynamic that despite the generous size of the radiator are integrated well behind him. The oil tank is located next to the radiator, but is so well integrated into the structure that holds the radiator look like one piece with the radiator. Note the recess in the specially created spoiler left, under the radiator, to contain a vial of "fast" or a special liquid to temporarily seal any small holes in the tires. The beautiful side panels that hide the battery (right) and the air filter (left side) and well integrated with the seat (removable) and the tank. With regard to controls and instrumentation, the CEV has done great things for the RV: Backlit instrumentation (such as electrical controls) is modern and functional over the exclusivity of the water thermometer, well located between contakm (with partial) and rev counter, has a large number of spies very well placed and legible. Note the key folding contacted at three positions, where one indicated with "check" allows you to control the efficiency of the lights and turning on the lights with the engine off. Finally, very attractive and well designed plates footpeg aluminum painted black.


The frame is a classic double cradle tubular and sheet steel reinforcements and a steering head angle of 25 degrees and 45 '. The trail is of 89mm. Hydraulic telescopic fork with anti-svirgolo aluminum plate positioned between the two stems is a Marzocchi fork with 32mm equipment and with the inevitable anti-dive (futility true, but in mid 80's was considered a must on any motion) adjustable leg using a special key. The rear suspension shock Monodrive is exclusivity Gilera unit Marzocchi, preload adjustable, it works with external linkage, according to the technical Gilera, discharge pressure to be more balanced reaction and limit the width of the frame. Indeed, although the system is valid, then the benefits are not found in relation to a conventional system. The braking system is by design Grimeca: VR front end takes a 260mm front disc with conventional hydraulic pump and a classic 160mm drum at the rear. The beautiful aluminum alloy wheels with three split spokes are also conformed to boomerang Grimeca production and have the following measurements: 2.15 x16 front and rear 2.15 X18 ".

The stated dry weight is 134kg.


The engine of the RV as well as being equipped with admission lamellar liquid-cooled forced circulation mixer and a six-speed automatic, includes some special features that make it one of the most advanced engines in category:

Light alloy cylinder Treaty to Gilnisil with eight lights Counter-balancing tree Electric start on demand The power is entrusted to a carburetor Dell'Orto PHBH BS 26 is expansion and exhaust with chromed. Note the possibility of using a shutter choked the flow of air reaches the radiator and therefore could limit the flow of fresh air for winter temperatures. VR detects an output of 18.74 hp at 8250giri, delivered in a very fluid, while top speed is amongst the highest in well with 131.400 km / h.

Make Model Gilera RV125
Year 1984 -
Engine Type Two stroke, single cylinder
Displacement 124 cc / 7.6 cu-in
Bore X Stroke 56 x 50 mm
Cooling System Liquid cooled,
Induction Dell'Orto premix carburetor
Ignition Electronic
Starting Kick
Max Power 16.7 hp / 12.9 kW @ 7750 rpm
Transmission 6 Speed
Final Drive Chain
Front Suspension Marzocchi telscopic forks
Rear Suspension Single Marzocchi shock
Front Brakes Single 260mm disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tire 2.15 -16
Rear Tire 2.15 -18
Wet Weight 134 kg / 295 lbs
Fuel Capacity