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1982 Harley Davidson FXR

The Harley-Davidson FXR Super Glide II was introduced in 1982 and sold alongside the existing FX models. The FXR chassis was essentially an FLT Tour Glide chassis with lighter frame tubes and a more conventional design around the steering head.[1] As such, it offered a rubber-mounted engine and a five-speed transmission, as opposed to the solid mounting and four-speed transmission of the original FX chassis.[1]

The FXR range was expanded in 1984 by the introduction of the FXRT Sport Glide, a Super Glide variant with a fairing and saddlebags, and the FXRS Low Glide, which was the FXR equivalent of the FXSB Low Rider. Upon the discontinuation of the corresponding FX-based models, the FXR Super Glide II became the FXR Super Glide and the FXRS Low Glide became the FXRS Low Rider. The Wide Glide was discontinued because the FXR frame was not suitable for the wide forks. [1]

The 1984 Disc Glide as it was known was a very rare motorcycle it had the first offering of the "Chrome Package" meaning it came with chrome rocker boxes, nose cone, and primary cover. It was called the FXRSDG.

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