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|name            = Harley-Davidson XLCH
|name            = Harley-Davidson XLCH
|image            =  
|photo= 1964-Harley-Davidson-XLCH.jpg
|aka              = '''Sportster'''
|aka              = '''Sportster'''
|manufacturer    = [[Harley-Davidson]]
|manufacturer    = [[Harley-Davidson]]

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Harley-Davidson XLCH
Also called Sportster
883cc V-twin
Manuals Service Manual

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The Harley-Davidson XLCH Sportster motorcycle's impressive 883-cc V-twin engine outpowered most competitors of the era.


The XLCH was a sportier version of the XL883 Sportster introduced in 1959 two years after the original.-- "CH" supposedly standing for "Competition Hot."

These were stripped-down models oriented toward on- and off-road work with magneto ignition, high exhaust pipes, solo seat, smaller "peanut" tank, and lighter overall weight.

It also featured the now-famous "eyebrow" headlight cover that remains a Sportster trademark. Harley-Davidson also offered the XLH, a dressed-up, touring-influenced version that was outsold by its sportier sibling.

Power rose steadily over the years, earning the fleet Sportster the nickname "King of the Drags" -- an unofficial title it would hold until the late 1960s.

Of course, this was at a time when most of its competitors were British 650-cc twins, which spotted considerable displacement to the 883-cc Sportster. And in drag racing, size matters.


1964 Harley Davidson XLCH


1968 Harley Davidson XLCH