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[[Category:Honda motorcycles|CB1100F]]
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[[Category:1980s motorcycles|CB1100F]]
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[[Category:Honda CB series]]

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Honda CB1100F
Manufacturer Honda
Production 83
Engine 1100cc
Sparkplug DR8ES '83
Battery YB14L-A2 '83
Front Tire 100/90-18 '83
Rear Tire 130/90-17 '83
Manuals Service Manual
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The Honda CB1100F is a motorcycle produced by Honda in 1983.

1983 Honda CB1100F Supersport

The Honda CB1100F Super sport is a Motorcycle offered in the USA only in 1983. This rare jewel is argued by many to be among the best Motorcycles ever built.

In 1979 Honda produced a Double Over Head Cam (DOHC) 750cc engine that rocked the Motorcycle industry with its double cams and solid power-band the 750cc engine produced 72BHP @ 9000RPM, this engine was used in CB750F from 79-82 in the USA. In 1980 Honda released the CB900F using a race bred 901cc DOHC engine it was a step above the CB750 with its longer stroke and hotter cams squeezed out 84BHP @ 8500RPM. The only years the CB900F was offered in the USA where 1981-1982.

In 1983 Honda gave the United States a chance to own the CB1100F! This bike was leagues beyond its 2 ancestors. Using hotter cams, larger pistons, and a redesigned combustion chamber the CB1100F produced 108BHP @ 8500RPM (International model produced 115 HP). Honda also increased the rake and put on a cool 1/4 fairing for wind deflection. The dash featured a 150MPH speedometer and 2 piece handlebars. The wheels are new also they where cast 1 piece instead of the standard com-star or spoke design. In 1983 only 2 colors offered on the CB1100F in the USA where Red and Blue.

  • Available color schemes:
    • Candy Pearl Maui Red with Pearl Shell White
    • Candy Pearl Capiolani Blue with Pearl Shell White
  • On the red bike, the panels were white while the striping was black
  • On the blue bike, the panels were white while the striping was red.
  • The 4-into-2 exhaust system was black chrome.
  • The headlight was rectangular with a fork mounted sport fairing. (Non US had a 7" round headlight with no fairing)
  • Engine: Race bred, 1062cc DOHC, 4-valve, inline four-cylinder
  • Transmission: 5-speed transmission
  • Drive: chain
  • Rear suspension: Adjustable damping rear shocks with aluminum reservoirs
  • Front suspension: Air-adjustable, 39mm front forks with integrated fork brace and TRAC™ anti-dive control system
  • Oil cooler: Large capacity
  • Brakes: Triple disc brakes with twin piston calipers
  • Wheelbase: 1519mm (59.8 in.)
  • Seat height: 820mm (32.3 in.)
  • Fuel capacity: 20 liters(5.3 gal)
  • The serial number began JH2SC110*DM000020.
  • Non-US bikes featured gold anodized comstar wheels.
  • U.S. bikes came with tubular handlebars where International versions came with 2 piece bolt on bars
  • International models came with single walled black exhaust pipes (as bluing wasn't a problem with black pipes)
  • Honda offered color matched fairings as an optional accessory.

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