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Honda CB1100SF X11

Honda CB1100SF X11 - The X-Eleven storms out of the gate with a look of naked aggression and a feeling of power that call to mind a raging bull. As Honda’s original Performance Naked masterpiece, the X-Eleven stands out with a commanding presence. Its look is spare and purposeful, with a slim, low seat expanding out to a massive fuel tank and radiator cowl that seem ready to pounce. A twist of its throttle unleashes the high-powered 1100cc inline 4-cylinder engine wedged between the impressive spars of its lightweight aluminum frame, and backs up that look with a sheer, eye-opening thrust of acceleration. Not for the faint of heart, the X-Eleven delivers big-time excitement in a remarkably easyto-handle package of performance.

Not sold in the US, the X11 comes in 2 versions, the Euro version and the Japanese version.