Honda CH80

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Ch80 02.jpg
Honda CH80
Also called Elite
Production 93-07
Class [[:Category:Scooter motorcycles|Scooter]] [[Category:Scooter motorcycles]]
Spark Plug NGK CR7HS '93-07
Battery YUASA YTX5L-BS '93-07
Final Drive Belt
Front Tire 3.50-10 '93-07
Rear Tire 3.50-10 '93-07
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
Manuals Service Manual

The Honda CH80 is a motorcycle produced by Honda from 1993 to 2007.

Ch80 02.jpg

Ch80 04.jpg

Ch80 04b.jpg

Ch80 05a.jpg

Ch80 05.jpg

Ch80 03.jpg


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