Honda FX650

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Honda FX650 is a trail bike released in 1998

Honda FX650
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FX may have a utilitarian vocation, its scrambler plastic gives it joie de vivre. Its air mono is of the same temperament. From the Dominator, this 650 has been made more flexible but also more full at mid-range thanks to the adoption of a TPS sensor which plays on the ignition. A short tour of the city reveals its qualities as a city dweller. Impeccable agility and maneuverability, it is also very welcoming thanks to its low saddle height and its small nose screen which provides good protection up to legal motorway speeds. Compared to the SLR it replaces, the FX is prettier, better finished, and equipped with more practical aspects, such as the luggage rack incorporating a U-shaped lock bracket. on the saddle, the tank and the exhaust. The dashboard is more complete, with a new counter and tachometer assembly. Well, okay, braking has room for improvement and the suspensions lack flexibility. But the FX will be accommodating with your wallet while offering you a dose of fun and an ounce of seduction as only the urban trails can do.

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