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Honda GL1200

The Honda GL1200 is a motorcycle produced by Honda from 1984 to 1987.

1984 honda Gl1200.jpg
Honda GL1200
Production 84-87
Class Touring
Predecessor Honda GL1100
Successor Honda GL1200I
1182cc opposed four cylinder SOHC liquid-cooled
Air Filter K&N HA-8084 `84-87[1]
Spark Plug NGK DPR8EA-9 '84-87
Battery YUASA Y50-N18L-A '84-87
Final Drive Shaft `84-87[2]
Front Tire 130/90-16 '84-87
Rear Tire 150/90-15 '84-87
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
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Manuals Service Manual

This is the plain jane version of the Honda GL1200 or Gold Wing 1200. You may be looking for the GL1200A Aspencade, GL1200I Interstate, GL1200L Limited, or GL1200SEI Special Edition.


1984 Honda GL1200
1984 Honda GL1200
1984 Honda GL1200

  • For 1984 the 1100cc model was replaced by a larger 1200cc engine
  • Available colors: Black and Candy Wineberry Red
  • The headlight was round with a chrome shell
  • The taillight assembly was free-standing and had a ribbed lens.
  • Engine: 1182cc opposed four cylinder SOHC liquid-cooled
  • Valve: Hydraulic Valve Adjuster system
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Drive: Shaft
  • Suspension: TRACanti-dive
  • Brakes: Interconnected braking system with triple discs
  • Accessories: No fairing, winshield, saddlebags, or trunk
  • Wheelbase: 1610mm (63.4 in.)
  • Dry weight: 272 kg (599.5 lb)
  • Seat height: 780mm (30.7 in.)
  • Fuel capacity: 22 liters
  • Front tire: 130/90-16
  • Rear tire: 150/90-15
  • Fork oil: 345cc
  • Spark plug: DPR8EA-9
  • The frame serial number in California began 1HFSC1431EA000001 while in the rest of the U.S. it began 1HFSC1401EA000001.
  • The engine serial number (for both California and the rest of the U.S.) began: SC14E-2400107.


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