Honda RC110

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1962 Honda RC110

The RC110 is a single cylinder with a bore and stroke of 40 x 39, dimensions which are nearly the same as those of most of its competitors. The two over head camshafts are driven by a gear train on the right hand side of the engine. The cylinder is inclined 35 degrees. The valve angle is the same as for the 125 and 250 cc Hondas, i.e. 36 degrees on the inlet and 40 degrees on the exhaust side. Ignition is by crankshaft mounted generator and HT coil, with the contact breaker points mounted on the inlet camshaft. Compression ratio is the by now well known 10.5 : 1 and output is 9.5 bhp at 14,000 rpm. Wet sump lubrication. The bike was developed together with a street version, which explains the five speed gear box and a plugged kickstarter shaft opening. 1962 50cc RC110 Honda This five speed gearbox is already replaced with a six speed cluster when the first GP of the season is held. For the French GP, the bore is increased to 40.4 mm, which brings the capacity to 49.9 cc. The machines used on Man are designated RC111. They have redesigned crankcases, an eight speed gearbox and the inlet length is greater, with a long intake rubber

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