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'Honda SL350'
Also called SL 350
Production 1969
Class [[:Category:Enduro motorcycles|Enduro]] [[Category:Enduro motorcycles]]
Successor Honda XL350
Air cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder SOHC
Bore / Stroke 63.5mm x 63.5mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Horsepower 32.99 HP (24.6 KW) @ 9500RPM
Fuel System 2x Kehin 24mm Carburettor
Spark Plug NGK B8ES
Battery YUASA 12N5-4B
Final Drive Chain: 520x100
Front Sprocket 16T
Rear Sprocket 40T
Brakes Front: Drum
Rear: Drum
Front Tire 3.50-19
Rear Tire 4.00-18
Manuals Service Manual

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The Honda SL 350 was a Air cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder SOHC Enduro motorcycle produced by Honda in 1969. Claimed horsepower was 32.99 HP (24.6 KW) @ 9500 RPM.


The motor was EXACTLY the same as the CB350 & CL350 models, same camshaft, same crankshaft, ignition, gearbox, etc. The only difference was the final drive gearing, and exhaust systems. The later SL’s had standard Kehin 24mm carbs that eliminated the aforementioned CV’s slide issues, and with a more restrictive exhaust system, brought the SL’s power down to 30 horsepower, from the CB’s 36 horsepower at 9000 rpm, and the CL’s 34 at 10,000 rpm.

And what a motor it was. The 350 Honda twin was anvil reliable, with over 300,000 copies being sold in the USA alone, it was one of the most popular motorcycles ever produced. When the SL350 got some knobbies strapped to it, and decent shocks bolted on the back, the bike became an unstoppable woods weapon, as nothing short of an atomic blast would cease the rear wheel from spinning. It was also, in my mind one of the best looking vertical twin cylinder motors ever produced, right up there with a Triumph or BSA in the looks department.

In 1974 the SL350 was replaced by the XL350, with the CB & CL being replaced by the 360 twin, a relative failure when compared to the 350. And you can still find a nice example of the 350 twin for cheap, since the 350 is still not recognized as a true “classic”.


A 63.5mm bore x 63.5mm stroke result in a displacement of just 326.0 cubic centimeters.


It came with a 3.50-19 front tire and a 4.00-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via Drum in the front and a Drum in the rear.

1969 - 1973 Honda SL 350

The Honda SL350 has a standard Honda 350 twin cylinder, four-stroke engine with a modified cam for increased low-end torque and 33 horsepower at 9500rpm.


The Honda Motosport 350 designated SL350K0 was sold in 1969-70. Three colors were available: Candy Sapphire Blue, Candy Ruby Red, and Candy Gold. The fuel tank stripe was white. The frame had a single downtube. It had both a electric and kick starter. The engine was a 325cc 4-stroke OHC parallel twin with two CV carburetors. The transmission was a 5-speed. The front wheel was 19" and the rear wheel was 18". The serial number began SL350-1000001.


The SL350K1 Motosport 350 was sold from 1970 to 1971 in one of three colors: Candy Ruby Red, Candy Sapphire Blue, or Candy Topaz Orange. The gas tank stripe was white. It now had a double downtube frame. The electric start was deleted. The engine was a 325cc 4-stroke OHC parallel twin with two piston valve carburetors. The serial number began SL350-2000001.


The SL350K2 was sold from 1972 to 1973 in two available colors: Candy Panther Gold with Yellow or Marina Blue Metallic with Yellow. The gas tank panel was yellow. The "350" side cover decal was also yellow. the fenders were unpainted aluminum. The front wheel increased to 21" while the rear decreased an inch to 18". The engine was a 325cc 4-stroke OHC parallel twin with two piston valve carburetors. The serial number began SL350-3000001.

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