Kawasaki F3

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1968-1970 F3 Bushwhacker

1968 Kawasaki F3

175 cc 2-Stroke, 1 Cylinder Rotary Disc Valve 4Speed Rotary Shift Maximum Horsepower: 20 HP @7,300 rpm Spark Plug: NGK B8HS Tire Size Front: 3.00-19 4PR Rear: 3.50-18 4PR Color Fuel Tank: Alumitone Silver Front Fender: Chrome Engine No.: F3E00001- Frame No.: F3-100001- Parts Catalogue N 0.: 99995-1 1 1 Owner's Manual No.: 99995-310 ShopManualNo.: 99995-211(SM-1) Remarks: Has electric starter, dual sprockets,and De Carbon rear suspension.