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Kawasaki KZ650F

The Kawasaki KZ650-F1 was a cross between a C and a B model. It featured Alloy wheels; a drum rear brake instead of disc brakes.

Kawasaki KZ650F
Production 81-83
Class Road
Predecessor Kawasaki KZ650C, Kawasaki KZ650B
650 cc, Four-stroke, 4 Cylinder, Dual Over Head Camshaft
Top Speed 115 mph
Horsepower 65 HP @ 8,500 rpm
Spark Plug NGK B7ES
Battery YUASA YB12A-A
Transmission 5-Speed, Return Shift
Front Tire '81-83
Rear Tire 130/90-16 '81-83
Oil Filter K&N KN-401[1]
Recommended Oil K-tech 10W-40
Related Kawasaki KZ650H
Manuals Service Manual


1980 KZ650-F1Edit

1980 Kawasaki KZ650-F1

  • 650 cc
  • Four-stroke, 4 Cylinder
  • Dual Over Head Camshaft
  • Spark Plug: NGK B7ES,
  • MD W22ES-U, or
  • Tire Size
  • Front: 3.25H-19 4PR,
  • or ML90-19 B2
  • Rear: 4.00H-18 4PR,
  • or MN90-18 B4
  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Dark Blue, Candy Persimmon Red (except (L)), Candy Emerald Green {except (U))
  • Front Fender: Chrome
  • Engine No.: KZ650BE114501 --
  • Frame No.: KZ650F-000001-
  • Parts Catalogue No.: (U) 99910-1074-02, (E) 99910-1099-01, (G) 99910-1100-01
  • Service Manual No.: 99924-1007-03
  • Owner's Manual No.: (U) 99920-1090-01, (E)(G) 99922-1050-02, (S) 99923-1042-01, (F) 99923-1035-01
  • Remarks: Minor modification of KZ650B. Front single disc and rear drum brakes, cast wheels, automatic cam chain tensioner.

The F1 was basically a cross between a C and a B model. It had the alloy wheels but kept the drum brake at the rear instead of a disk. It was offered in three colors, blue, red or green.

1981 KZ650-F2Edit

1981 Kawasaki KZ650-F2

  • Color
  • Fuel Tank: Luminous Ruby Red, Candy Light Green, Luminous Navy Blue
  • Front Fender: Chrome
  • Engine No.: KZ650BE124001 -
  • Frame No.: KZ650F-007201 -
  • Parts Catalague No.:
  • (G) 99910-1174-01 plus 99910-1174-50R,
  • (E) 99910-1181-01
  • Service Manual No.: 99924-1028-01
  • Owner's Manual No.: 99922-1121-02
  • Major Changes: Color & graphic, front dual disc brakes, transistorized ignition system. Kickstarter is discontinued.

This year model featured many major changes, using parts from the new KZ750. Electronic ignition, black motor, new clocks, and no kickstart. This was the last year of the F model in the US.

The F2 was much modified over the F1 model. It incorporated many of the larger Z750E parts. The motor was now finished in black and used CDI ignition instead of points. The front end from the 750E was grafted on meaning a change to the brakes, front wheel and clocks. It was offered in three colors, red, green or blue. The kick-starter pedal and shaft was removed from the engine just like the Z750E. A passenger grab rail was also fitted.

1982 KZ650-F3Edit

Featured new carbs and airbox from the KZ750E/L models. There was one major change for 1982, CV carbs were fitted. The larger 32mm carbs also needed the air box assembly from the Z750E/L models. The F3 was offered in two colors, ebony or passion red. The front fender was now also painted to match the rest of the bodywork.

1983 Kawasaki Z650-F4Edit

Starting Frame Number: KZ650F-014301 This was the last of the 650 models, Kawasaki was now concentrating on the GPZ range and there was no place for this previous best seller. The F4 was offered in two colors, galaxy silver or candy wine red. The outer engine cases were similar to the Z750L model.

There was also a Z650H model, not available in the UK. This was a 'CSR' model with chopper styling.


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