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1954 Maserati 160

Maserati motorcycles were made by Maserati Candele and Accumulatori (Maserati spark plugs and batteries) of Modena. Although owned by the same parent company that also ran the automobile plant, the motorcycle division was completely separate. The company became instant manufacturers by buying an existing factor, Italmoto, and moving it from Bologna to Modena.

160/T4 Lusso[edit | edit source]

1956 Maserati 160/T4 Lusso

Ciclocarro[edit | edit source]

1958 Maserati Ciclocarro

Lightweight, inexpensive to purchase and operate utility vehicle, the modern equivalent of this type of vehicle would be a Kawasaki Mule (which isn't lightweight or inexpensive). These motorcycles would be used for local deliveries in the narrow streets and alleys of Italy.

125[edit | edit source]

1958 Maserati 125

The Maserati 125 was another copy of the 1938 German DKW RT125 similar to the units built by BSA and Harley-Davidson for use in the Bantam and Hummer. This design was one of the "spoils of war" taken from DKW following World War II. Maserati motorcycles were not built by the automobile company of the same name, but a product of the Maserati Battery and Spark Plug Company.