Motorcycle Break-In Procedure

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Follow the Manual[edit | edit source]

Unless you are racing the bike and have detailed experience with that particular bike the best advice is to Follow the manual.

Additional Recommendations[edit | edit source]

  • The thing to remember is "Don't overdo it" Trying to stay at some prescribed RPM/Millage table is never a good way to go.
  • Avoid allowing the motorcycle to get unusually hot. Avoid prolonged idling in traffic, especially with an air cooled bike.
  • Always select the right gear don't lug the engine.
  • No high throttle settings for more than a second or two.
  • Ride Normally. Just move along with the flow of traffic for the first 500 miles or so.
    • It is important to complete the first service on your motorcycle as prescribed in your owners manual. It is not a requirement that the dealership does this service, however if you do have them do it it will be much more difficult for them to deny warranty coverage of you have the paperwork for the service. The first service addresses many items on the motorcycle, not just an oil change. Although failure to be able to prove that the service was done is not an automatic disqualification for warranty service it's much more likely to be performed without question if proper maintenance procedures can be proven.

The most important part part of the break in procedure is for the rider to become comfortable with the operational characteristics of the new machine before maximum performance is attempted.

External Links[edit | edit source]

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