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Honda CB77

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1961 - 1965 Honda CB 77
With the engines rated at a conservitive 30bhp @ 9000rpm, the superhawk was a strong preformance bike in its day. Strong 0-60 times of 5.2 with the front wheel pointing to the sky with a dewildered rider, was the norm. Quarter mile times were posted at 13.87 @ 96mph. The bikes excellent handling along with a top speed of nearly 125mph, made the superhawk one of the fasted production motorcycles in 1966.
==1961 - 1965 Honda CB 77==
[[File:honda-cb77-1961-1965-1.jpg|600px|1961 - 1965 Honda CB 77]]
[[File:honda-cb77-1961-1965-0.jpg|600px|1961 - 1965 Honda CB 77]]
Thanks to its 305 cc overhead cam parallel twin kick start engine, the CB 77 sport bike, made by Honda in 1961, was able to reach a maximum speed of 161 km/h.
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