Suzuki T200

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1967 Suzuki T200

The Susuki T200 X5 Invader was a 200cc, two stroke, twin cylinder street motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki from 1967 through 1968.

Suzuki T200[edit]


The T200 shared many of the features that had contributed to the larger Suzuki T20 Super Six models success. The models 23bhp output, light weight (122 kilos) and five speed gearbox resulted in a claimed top speed of 88 mph whilst a twin leading shoe front brake and twin down tube cradle frame endowed the motorcycle with good handling. Equipment levels were typically high with an attractive combined speedometer and tachometer housed in the headlamp shell, "posi lube" lubrication and twin carburetors being standard features.


  • Overall Lenght: 1,930 mm (76.0 in)
  • Overall Width: 775 mm (30.5 in)
  • Overall Height: 1,030 mm (40.6 in)
  • Wheelbase: 1,285 mm (50.6 in)
  • Dry Weight: 132 kg (290 lbs)
  • Engine type: Air-cooled 196cc 2-stroke. 21 hp/ 7,500 rpm, 2.09 kg-m/ 7,000 rpm.


1968 Suzuki T200 in Blue
1968 Suzuki T200 in Blue
1968 Suzuki T200 in Blue