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*[[Honda CB1]]
*[[Honda CB100]]
|name = Honda CB series
*[[Honda CB1000]]
|title = [[:Category:Honda CB series|Honda CB series]]
*[[Honda CB1000C]]
|group1=Early CBs:
*[[Honda CB1100F]]
|list1=[[Honda CB72]]{{·}}[[Honda CB77]]{{·}}[[Honda CB92]]
*[[Honda CB1100SF X11]]
|group2=Smaller CBs:
*[[Honda CB125]]
|list2 =[[Honda CB50]]{{·}}[[Honda CB125]]{{·}}[[Honda CB160]]{{·}}[[Honda CB175K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB200K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB200T]]{{·}}[[Honda CB250]]{{·}}[[Honda CB350F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB350K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB360]]
*[[Honda CB1300]]
{{·}}[[Honda CB400A]]{{·}}[[Honda CB400F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB400N]]{{·}}[[Honda CB400T]]{{·}}[[Honda CB450DX-K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB450K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB450P]]{{·}}[[Honda CB450SC]]{{·}}[[Honda CB450T]]
*[[Honda CB160]]
|group3=Midsize CBs:
*[[Honda CB175K]]
|list3 =[[Honda CB500F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB500K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB500P]]{{·}}[[Honda CB500T]]{{·}}[[Honda CB550F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB550K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB550SC]]{{·}}[[Honda CB600F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB650]]{{·}}[[Honda CB650C]]{{·}}[[Honda CB650SC]]
*[[Honda CB200K]]
{{·}}[[Honda CB700SC]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750A]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750C]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750K]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750P]]{{·}}[[Honda CB750SC]]
*[[Honda CB200T]]
|group5=Large CBs:
*[[Honda CB250]]
|list5= [[Honda CB900C]]{{·}}[[Honda CB900F]]
*[[Honda CB350F]]
{{·}}[[Honda CB1]]{{·}}[[Honda CB100]]{{·}}[[Honda CB1000]]{{·}}[[Honda CB1000C]]{{·}}[[Honda CB1100F]]{{·}}[[Honda CB1100SF X11]]{{·}}[[Honda CB1300]]
*[[Honda CB350K]]
*[[Honda CB360]]
*[[Honda CB400A]]
*[[Honda CB400F]]
[[Category:Motorcycle templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
*[[Honda CB400N]]
*[[Honda CB400T]]
*[[Honda CB450DX-K]]
*[[Honda CB450K]]
*[[Honda CB450P]]
*[[Honda CB450SC]]
*[[Honda CB450T]]
*[[Honda CB50]]
*[[Honda CB500F]]
*[[Honda CB500K]]
*[[Honda CB500P]]
*[[Honda CB500T]]
*[[Honda CB550F]]
*[[Honda CB550K]]
*[[Honda CB550SC]]
*[[Honda CB600F]]
*[[Honda CB650]]
*[[Honda CB650C]]
*[[Honda CB650SC]]
*[[Honda CB700SC]]
*[[Honda CB72]]
*[[Honda CB750A]]
*[[Honda CB750C]]
*[[Honda CB750F]]
*[[Honda CB750K]]
*[[Honda CB750K/Videos]]
*[[Honda CB750P]]
*[[Honda CB750SC]]
*[[Honda CB77]]
*[[Honda CB900C]]
*[[Honda CB900F]]
*[[Honda CB92]]

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