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I'm Ben. I'm currently a college student on full scholarship via National Merit. I've been around motorcycle pretty much all my life. In my case, it was an inherited disease. My father runs a Kawasaki/Suzuki dealership, but I'm a fan of all Japanese makes of motorcycles.

Bikes I've personally owned[edit | edit source]

As of right now I'm currently without a bike as I don't see an easy way for me to keep one here at college without it getting stolen, I had the Katana 750 here for a year but I guess nobody wanted to steal it. I've ridden lots of bikes, and worked on lots more. I'm making this wiki as a public service while subsidizing the cost of webhosting with ads from google adsense (I'm not asking you to click ones you aren't interested in). I have lots of features planned in this wiki, one I'd really like to implement is an online microfiche service (maybe even one in which anyone can add notes to).

Articles I'm currently working on[edit | edit source]

Contact[edit | edit source]

you can also email me at but I may not check this email often.