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Yamaha XV1900A Roadliner: review, history, specs

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The Yamaha Roadliner XV1900A was a v2, four-stroke Cruiser motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 2006 and 2017. Max torque was 123.92 ft/lbs (168.0 Nm) @ 2500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 98.57 HP (73.5 KW) @ 4250 RPM.

Yamaha Roadliner
Also called Roadliner Midnight, Roadliner S, Roadliner XV1900A, Star Roadliner Midnight, Star Roadliner S
Production 2006 - 2017
Class Cruiser
v2, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 100.0mm x 118.0mm
Compression ratio 9.48:1
Horsepower 98.57 HP (73.5 KW) @ 4250RPM
Torque 123.92 ft/lbs (168.0 Nm) @ 2500RPM
Ignition transistor controlled ignition
Spark Plug NGK DPR8EA-9 `06-14[1]
Battery YUASA YT14B-4 '06-07
Transmission Gear box: 5-speed

Final Drive: belt

Clutch: wet, multidisc
Final Drive Belt `06-14[1]
Suspension Front: 46mm telescopic fork
Rear: single shock
Brakes Front: double disc. hydraulic.
Rear: single disc. hydraulic.
Front Tire 130/70-m18
Rear Tire 190/60-m17
Wheelbase 67.52 inches (1715 mm)
Length 102.01 inches (2591 mm)
Width 41.5 inches (1054 mm)
Height 43.31 inches (1100 mm)
Seat Height 27.8 inches (706 mm)
Weight 705.04 pounds (319.8 Kg) (dry), 340.2 kg (wet)
Oil Filter K&N KN-303[2]
Recommended Oil Yamalube 10w-40
Fuel Capacity 4.5 Gallon (17.03 Liters)
Fuel Consumption 5.60 liters/100 km (17.9 km/l or 42.00 mpg)
Manuals 2008 Yamaha XV1900A X Owners Manual
2009 Yamaha XV1900 Owners Manual
More Manuals



The engine was a air cooled v2, four-stroke. A 100.0mm bore x 118.0mm stroke result in a displacement of just 1851.8 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a overhead valves (ohv).


The bike has a 5-speed transmission. Power was moderated via the wet, multidisc.


It came with a 130/70-m18 front tire and a 190/60-m17 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via double disc. hydraulic. in the front and a single disc. hydraulic. in the rear. The front suspension was a 46mm telescopic fork while the rear was equipped with a single shock. The Roadliner XV1900A was fitted with a 4.5 Gallon (17.03 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 705.04 pounds (319.8 Kg). The wheelbase was 67.52 inches (1715 mm) long.


Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner
Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner

Sitting atop the Star line, the new Roadliner combines precision, performance and craftsmanship. Pride of ownership comes standard with every Roadliner. Representing the pinnacle of the Star cruisers, the Roadliner takes V-twin performance and character to a new level. Ready to roll with a quick detach windshield and backrest, the amazing Roadliner is destined to set new standards by which all cruisers will be judged. All new high-performance, air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin powerplant produces massive torque and class leading acceleration. Traditional pushrod valve actuation keeps engine height down for a lower centre of gravity and ensures more uniform heat dissipation due to absence of a cam chain case. A lower centre of gravity helps to insure light, easy handling. Four-valve cylinder head provides optimal breathing efficiency for great power delivery at all rpms. The two spark plugs per cylinder means faster, more complete combustion for maximum power output. New cylinder head design utilizes a pent roof combustion chamber design and features a oil passage near the exhaust valve seat to improve cooling and durability. The new heads also feature engine mounting points on each side of the head for increased chassis rigidity for exceptional handling. All new, large size valve increase engine horsepower and torque. The new intake valves are 36mm in diameter (Warrior intakes valves = 34mm) while the new exhaust valves are 31mm ( Warrior exhaust valves = 28mm). Specially designed valve train includes new short design intake and exhaust rocker arms that reduce inertia during high-rpm use.

New, high performance spec twin, crankcase-mounted, high-lift cams ensure strong torque and class leading acceleration. All new mechanical centrifugal decompression mechanism located in each of the exhaust camshafts insures fast, easy starts. This new system is contained inside the camshafts and reduces weight since no solenoid etc. is required and complexity. Hydraulic valve lifters driven by the twin camshafts deliver exceptional performance and significantly reduce maintenance and tune-up requirements. All new large-diameter pistons are both durable and lightweight. Yamaha's exclusive "controlled forged construction" keeps the pistons light for faster response and to accommodate higher-rpm performance with reduced vibration and less reciprocating mass. The new pistons feature an Alumite coating to reduce friction. The overall piston height has been reduced by 2mm compared to the Warrior. The dry sump oil lubrication system has been optimized to ensure maximum lubrication and cooling . Special oil nozzles direct oil at the bottom of the pistons to cool and lubricate them.

All new "dual chamber" crankcase design. The front section is for the crank assembly while the rear is for the transmission. Two all new, 3-rotor high capacity oil pumps optimizes oil flow in each of the two main sections of the engine. New, huge 100mm bore ceramic composite-plated cylinders provide uniform heat dissipation, reduce weight, reduce friction and increase cylinder service life. Cooling fin thickness and depth is optimized for maximum heat dissipation, thereby eliminating the need for liquid cooling, while maintaining that traditional, stylish air-cooled engine appearance. New optimized "damper-less" crankshaft allows the rider to feel the directness of the engine's power. For each rotation of the rear wheel, in 5th gear, the crank spins 3.14 times providing an outstanding rear wheel driving force feeling to the rider. All new long design connecting rods combine with the new pistons to increase the engine displacement to 1853cc. All new, compact design dual balancers reduce vibration for exceptional rider and passenger comfort. The balancers are positioned on either end of the crankshaft to reduce the crankcase length.

New 3-axis crankcase layout means the crankshaft, main axle and drive shaft are specially arranged to minimize the size of the engine cases. All new 43mm, twin-bore, downdraft throttle body fuel injection (FI) with throttle position sensor (TPS) ensures great throttle response and maximum power throughout the rev range. This new system is a "closed loop" system since it utilizes an oxygen sensor in the exhaust to monitor the concentration of oxygen and adjust the EFI system if necessary. The benefits of fuel injection include chokeless operation, increased fuel economy, instant throttle response and reduced emissions. The 12-hole, 2-directional Mikuni fuel injectors produce a wide spray pattern for complete cylinder filling. This special spray pattern combined with the dual spark plug head ensures complete combustion for maximum power. A new Idle speed Control (ISC) has been adopted to ensure stable idling performance. High capacity electronic fuel pump is located in the sub tank under the seat. State-of-the-art Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ensures precisely metered fuel delivery and optimal ignition spark control using 3D transistorized coil ignition mapping for each cylinder. All new 3.5 liter dual inlet air filter box is located under the tank. There are intake ducts at the front and rear of the air box for maximum breathing efficiency. This new design not only maximizes air flow but also reduces weight. A viscous paper type air filter is used. The side mounted air filter common on the Road star series has been eliminated giving cleaner look at the engine's cylinders on the right side. Air Induction System (AIS) injects fresh oxygen at the exhaust port to insure complete combustion thereby reducing harmful exhaust emissions (HC & CO) while a special air cut valve reduces backfiring when decelerating or coasting off throttle. High-performance, 2-into-1-exhaust system features large size header pipes for maximum flow. The single muffler contains a 3-way honey comb matrix catalyizer to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The stylish new muffler helps to boost torque and horsepower while producing a throaty, V-twin growl. The exhaust system also features a lightweight titanium EXUP exhaust power valve most commonly found on high performance sport bikes. The EXUP system not only provides crisp throttle response and eliminates 'flat spots" but also improves acceleration and reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Dry sump lubrication system means a more compact engine design since the oil tank is not part of the engine, which lowers the centre of gravity for great handling and a light feel. A handy, spin-on oil filter means fast, easy oil changes. All new frame mounted oil cooler is a first on a Yamaha cruiser. The cooler maintains consistent oil temperatures for optimum cooling and lubrication of this massive V-twin powerplant. Smooth-shifting, 5-speed transmission features new gear ratios compared to the Warrior. The primary ratio is 1.412 (Warrior = 1.532) while the secondary ratio is 2.785 (Warrior = 2.393).Newly designed transfer case eliminates the middle housing for reduced weight and complexity. All new, 2-piece heel-and-toe shifter adds versatility and enhances the overall cruising experience. The 2-piece design allows the rider to individually adjust front and rear portions to suit foot size or remove the rear section if not desired. Heavy duty 10 plate clutch is designed compliment engine power characteristics. This new clutch is operated by an all new hydraulic master cylinder instead of a cable. The hydraulic clutch design is low maintenance, self adjusting and very stylish. New design, low-maintenance belt drive system not only significantly reduce maintenance but is also clean and quiet. A belt drive system uses less power than a shaft drive and reduces unsprung weight for great rear suspension performance. Chassis/Suspension All new aluminum, die cast, double-cradle frame reduces weight, while balancing strength and rigidity. The critical head pipe area features box type construction for additional strength. The frame not provides excellent handling characteristics but also compliments the beautiful flowing lines of the rest of the chassis and bodywork. The engine is rigidly mounted in the new frame.

All new , lightweight C.F. die cast aluminum swingarm offers superb rigidity and ensures excellent stability and handling. The C.F. die casting process allows for beautiful shapes that are both strong and light. This new swingarm is a fashion statement in aluminum and compliments the rest of the Roadliner's eye catching styling. All new, rigid 46mm front fork offers 130mm (5.1") of wheel travel for exceptionally stable handling and great ride comfort. The fork features new "slash cut" large diameter chromed fork shrouds to enhance the "neo- streamliner" styling. Beefy, cast aluminum, top and bottom triple clamps help increase fork rigidity and reduce weight. Link rear suspension features a spring preload adjustable single rear shock delivering outstanding ride comfort and precise handling. The shock is horizontally positioned under the engine for a lower center of gravity and is hidden to provide that classic "hardtail" look. Rear wheel travel is 110mm (4.3"). Powerful dual 298mm front discs are squeezed by ultra rigid, 4-piston, monoblock calipers with fully floating rotors to provide sport-bike spec stopping power. Providing exceptional stopping power, these brakes also provide great lever feel and feedback. Huge 320mm rear disc is squeezed by a single piston caliper mounted below the swingarm for a lower center of gravity and that customized "hidden look". All new, lightweight 12 spoke cast aluminum mag wheels reduce weight and enhance handling and styling. The front wheel is MT 4.00x18 while the rear wheel is a MT 5.50x17. Both are fitted with tubeless radial tires that provide excellent traction and reduced rolling resistance. Two-piece seat design features a wide, flat profile for excellent rider comfort. The passenger seat features a small lip at the rear of the seat providing a secure feeling for the passenger. All new, 51w /55w high efficiency Irradiation headlight. This is a 2 bulb design, one for low beam and one for high beam. The unique headlight body compliments the "neo-streamline" styling. Newly design steel fenders front and rear can be easily customized or painted to suit personal preferences. The front fender features a classic fender stay. All new, flangeless teardrop style fuel tank offers 14 Litresof capacity. This is the first flangeless tank used on a Yamaha cruiser. There are no welds visible, providing that custom look. The total fuel capacity is 17 Litresthanks to a 3 liter sub tank located low in the frame below the seat. A high pressure electric fuel pump with quick connect fittings provide fuel to the EFI system. All new, large 1.25" diameter handlebars. All electrical wires are hidden inside the handle bars for that clean custom look. New handle bar switches match the overall styling image. Selected meter functions can be controlled by buttons on the back of LHS switch. All new fuel tank mounted instrument panel. This new panel has the classic "grand father" clock image. Just below the large analogue speedo is an analogue tach and fuel gauge. Other functions include digital odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel reserve trip counter and clock. Background illumination can be adjusted to suit personal preferences.

Super quick detachable windshield can be removed without tools. The new Roadliner is a true "convertible" similar to the Royal Star Tour Deluxe. The windshield locks into place with the ignition key for added security. Super quick detachable chromed passenger backrest can be removed in seconds without tools. The backrest locks into place with the ignition key for added security. All new, beautifully styled, semi hard re-enforced leather saddlebags provide ample storage for causal weekend tours.

All new teardrop shaped rider floorboards with floating rubber inserts that reduce vibration. Extra wide, newly designed brake and clutch levers provide that quality feel and look. Industry-leading, Star Family fit and finish creates a machine as stunning as it is powerful. All new, highly visible, clear look LED taillight All new turn signal design with clear lenses Self-canceling turn signals (15 seconds or 150 meters) Stylish 3D speed lines on the fuel tank

Low-fuel warning light Low maintenance sealed battery Fork lock integrated into main ignition switch for extra convenience Brushed look forks and fork shrouds, handlebar switches, levers, etc.


Make Model Yamaha XV 1900 Roadliner
Year 2006 - 07
Engine Type Four stroke, pushrod 48° V-Twin, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder
Displacement 1854 cc / 113.1 cu-in
Bore X Stroke 100 х 118 mm
Cooling System Air cooled
Compression 9.5:1
Lubrication Dry sump
Induction Twin-bore electronic fuel injection, 43mm throttle bodies and throttle position sensor
Ignition Digital TCI
Starting Electric
Max Power 98.6 hp / 72.0 kW @ 4250 rpm
Max Torque 166.7 Nm / 17 kg-m / 123 ft-lb @ 2250 rpm
Clutch Wet, multiple disc
Transmission 5 Speed
Final Drive Belt
Front Suspension 46mm telescopic forks, 134.5mm wheel travel.
Front Wheel Travel 135 mm / 5.3 in
Rear Suspension Single shock, link-type, 109mm wheel travel
Rear Wheel Travel 105 mm / 4.1 in
Front Brakes 2x 298mm discs 4 piston calipers
Rear Brakes Single 320mm disc 4 piston caliper
Front Tire 130/70 -18
Rear Tire 190/60 -17
Dimensions Height 1100 mm / 43.3 in Length 2,580 mm / 101.6 in Width 935 mm / 36.8 in
Wheelbase 1715 mm / 67.5 in
Seat Height 735 mm / 28.9 in
Dry Weight 319 kg / 704 lbs
Fuel Capacity 17 Liters / 4.4 US gal

2006 Yamaha Roadliner MidnightEdit


The 2005 Roadliner Midnight is all about black sobriety mixed with sheer road joy. With all the features of the big-bore Star family in place, top-drawer, impeccable styling was the only thing the new Roadliner was missing. The midnight trim brings in a glossy metallic black livery complemented by rich chrome accents, contrasting with the blacked out engine and cases, frame and forks. Too bad the mag wheels are still silver grey: all-back would have looked much much better.

2006 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Another herald of the new-generation Star cruisers, the 2005 Roadliner S brings in lush fender styling with fluid, valanced profiles, revised turn signals and LED tail light, self-canceling turn signals, a fork lock integrated into the ignition switch, and rich chrome accents.

With a powerful 1853cc pushrod-actuated v-twin engine, the 2005 Roadliner S is great for both solo and two-up rides and it will effortlessly carry you across the stateline, along highways and up winding mountain roads.

2006 Yamaha RoadlinerEdit


The 2005 Roadliner combines the classic neo-retro looks of the big-bore Star bikes with modern technologies such as advanced engine building, EFI and sportbike-derived cylinder coating for a package which oozes head-turning factor and provides an equally rewarding feel.

With a bevy of chromed-out parts, lightweight wheels and frame and impeccable, luxurious paint, the base 2005 Roadliner model is an example of how cool can stock cruisers be, even without added bling.

2007 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Just like the flagship Stratoliner received an all-chrome version, the 2006 Roadliner is offered in a special S trim, with S seemingly standing for "shiny". If you liked the base version of the Roadliner, and are a sucker for chrome, the Roadliner S will make your heart beat faster. There are only few spots on this bike who have not received a shiny coat of chrome.

Rich, luxurious and with a huge head-turning presence, the 2006 Roadliner S is the perfect choice for those who want to look sharp and ride in style, aboard a retro cruiser with tons of modern tech cleverly camouflaged under a "bikes of yore" disguise.

2007 Yamaha Roadliner MidnightEdit


The meaner the better: this seems to be the philosophy behind the 2006 Roadliner Midnight. The Roadliner was already an aggressively-styled cruiser, with a low stance and elongated wheelbase, and with the ample bars, rider floorboards and sculpted, wide seat providing a comfy stance.

The Midnight version brings forth a glossy, impeccable black paint for bodywork, engine, covers, guards and forks, with several chromed accents which stress the elegant styling even more. A massive headlight matches the beefy forks, as well. With 1854cc of air-cooled v-twin grunt and torque to make even the most discerning of riders smile with joy, the 2006 Roadliner Midnight is both a bike and a statement.

2007 Yamaha RoadlinerEdit


Powered by the same top-drawer 1854cc air-cooled v-twin engine like the Stratoliner, the 2006 Roadliner is however, a different kind of beast. Low, long and aggressive, the Roadliner sports ample bars reaching back to the generous seat, with ergonomics enhanced by the rider floorboards for a relaxed, long ride. Ample fenders shroud the cast wheels and a beefy headlight with classic looks and modern technology dominates the front end.

This cruiser comes with a 5-speed transmission and belt drive, heel-toe shifter and luxurious painting. Self-canceling clear-lens turn signals are also stock starting with this model year.

2008 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


The 2008 MY Roadliner S is a glorious expression of retro design cues brought back to life in a modern way, with a contemporary approach to the classic styling. Rich and luxurious, yet without being ridden with useless bling, this big-bore cruiser. Massive and compact, but with plenty of real estate for two, the Roadliner S is proudly showing off rich chrome details, two-tone paint, modern cast wheels and an overall impeccable craftsmanship.

The 1854cc v-twin and its 5-speed transmission, there are few occasion the Roadliner S will even need more grunt. From huge torque right off idle to excellent highway speed and passing power, this machine will always put a big grin on your face each time you twist the throttle.

2008 Yamaha Roadliner MidnightEdit


While the 2008 MY Roadliner was eager to show off its two-tone color scheme, the Midnight trim is a perfect example of how cool can glossy black and chrome be when mixed together the smart way. Retaining all the neo-retro character for the basic model, the 2008 MY Roadliner Midnight tells the seduction story of the dark side. A blacked-out engine with polished fins, black engine covers, fork and fork shrouds, frame and swingarm, the Roadliner Midnight is as elegant as it it sober.

Still, a twist of the throttle away, the blasting torque of the injected engine will effortlessly carry you up mountain roads, alongside highways and even in the urban clutter. The wheels could have been black, too.

2009 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


A great exponent of the neo-streamline movement, the 2009 MY Roadliner S packs in classic design cues and modern technologies, all intelligently mixed into a final product which harks back to the yesteryear bikes nostalgic riders sigh upon, but which delivers contemporary on-road performance and sheer riding pleasure.

A new 1854cc v-twin air-cooled engine delivers mind-blowing torque from the first rev bars off the idle point, while the revised aluminum frame offers superb rigidity for confident handling. A 5-speed transmission makes sure you've got plenty of nerve at your disposal, for both passing power and high-speed highway hauls, too.

2009 Yamaha Roadliner MidnightEdit


If you're looking at a Roadliner and it's all black and sober, with stylish chrome accents in key places, then you have Midnight machine in front of your eyes. The 2009 MY Roadliner Midnight retains all the amazing character of the basic model and infuses it with special graphics, in glossy black and chrome, with several brushed metal parts and obviously meant to turn heads.

Powerful to the limit where it can go against pretty much all the bikes in its category, the key asset of the Roadliner Midnight is its sleek, elegant livery. After all, if you're already riding a high-performance cruiser, why not riding one with first-class styling, too?

2010 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Roadliner S is decked out in shiny Raven paint with blacked-out components throughout.The flagship of the Star line, and Cycle World magazine’s Best Cruiser for 2006 (CW’s 10 Best, July `06) is designed to show and go like no other cruiser before it, with big power and great handling.Powerful and beautiful 113-cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled, pushrod V-twin produces great thrust at any speed.Twin-bore downdraft electronic fuel injection ensures optimum engine efficiency and throttle response in the widest possible range of conditions. Neo-streamline design, including the first flangeless gas tank fitted to a Star, gives the Roadliner Midnight a completely distinctive look. Long and low aluminum frame provides great looks and light handling unlike any other full-size cruiser, thanks to near 50/50 weight distribution on the front and rear wheels. A sculpted seat makes the Roadliner Midnight an excellent place to sit on long rides. The Roadliner Midnight achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 42 mpg with a fuel tank that holds 4.5 gallons of gas.

2010 Yamaha RoadlinerEdit


The 2010 MY Roadliner is the basic big-bore cruiser meant to ride far and turn heads. A massive bike which boasts premium comfort for both rider and passenger thanks to its generous real estate, the Roadliner packs power and beauty in a machine which cannot go unnoticed.

You don't need us to tell you what an 1854cc v-twin feels like, as it's pretty easy to imagine the immense torque right off-idle and the passing power it produces in the upper revs. Add in classic styling with chromed elements and cleverly disguised/integrated modern technologies, such as the top-notch EFI system.

2012 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Loaded with chromed parts and boasting a classic look, the 2011 Yamaha Roadliner S is a nice combination between the cruiser styling and modern-day technology. Powered by a 1854cc V-twin, the 2012 MY Roadliner S comes with a majestic styling dramatically enhanced by the huge, chunky 2-in-1 exhaust and massive headlight.

The 2012 MY Yamaha Roadliner S' injection system with throttle position sensor provides precise acceleration and easy cold starts, while offering good fuel economy, too, while the belt final drive eliminates a ton of hassle. The aluminum frame is light and makes the bike more nimble, while the diecast swingarm is a perfect match for the rest.

Great for both everyday riding and longer trips, this bike can become even neater: the accessories line for the 2012 MY Yamaha Roadliner S can help owners create their dream cruiser.

2013 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Building on the acclaimed heritage of the previous Roadliner S models, the 2012 version is a nice combination between the cruiser styling and modern-day technology, with liberal use of chrome parts making it look truly appealing to the classic bike lovers.

Powered by the same proven 1854cc V-twin plant, the 2012 Roadliner S comes with a majestic styling dramatically enhanced by the huge, chunky 2-in-1 exhaust and massive headlight. Even more, the generous accessories line for the 2012 version can help owners create their dream cruiser, too.

The 2012 Yamaha Roadliner S sports the precise injection system with throttle position sensor which provides easy cold starts and good fuel economy. With the belt final drive eliminating a ton of hassle, this bike allows owners to enjoy riding it even more. The aluminum frame is light and makes the bike more nimble, while the diecast swingarm is a perfect match for the rest.

2014 Yamaha Roadliner SEdit


Cruising in style is a matter of both engineering and design, and when it comes to the 2013 Yamaha Roadliner S, both are top-notch. Big yet maneuverable, impressive and roomy, this cruiser is the weapon of choice for long highway hauls, but thanks to its brawny engine, riding up the hill on twisting mountain roads will be just as fun. With a classic design in mind, Yamaha loaded a lot of chrome on this bike, from one end to another, and the resulting bike can rival any other big-bore cruiser from the older manufacturers.

On the tech side, the 2013 Yamaha Roadliner S boasts premium fuel injection, a modern, strong yet lightweight aluminum frame, cast wheels and an architecture favoring road stability and great handling for a rewarding experience.


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