Yamaha XT225: review, history, specs

The Yamaha XT225 was a Air-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single Enduro motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 1996 and 2007. It could reach a top speed of 84 mph (135 km/h). Max torque was 11.8 ft/lbs (16.0 Nm) @ 6500 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 19.98 HP (14.9 KW) @ 8000 RPM.

Yamaha XT225
Also called XT225 Serow, XT 225 Serow, XT 225
Production 1996 - 2007
Class Enduro
Air-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single
Bore / Stroke 71.1mm x 71.1mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Top Speed 84 mph (135 km/h)
Horsepower 19.98 HP (14.9 KW) @ 8000RPM
Torque 11.8 ft/lbs (16.0 Nm) @ 6500RPM
Air Filter K&N YA-2292 `01-07[1]
Ignition cdi
Spark Plug NGK DR8EA '92-96 , '97-06
Battery YUASA YTX7L-BS '92-96
YUASA YTZ7S '97-06
Transmission Gear box: 6-Speed, manual

Final Drive: Chain

Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual
Final Drive Chain: 428 `97-06[2]
Suspension Front: Telescopic 36mm air-adjustable fork, 8.9 in. travel
Rear: Adjustable link monocross
Brakes Front: 220mm disc
Rear: 110mm drum
Front Tire 2.75-21
Rear Tire 120/80-18
Wheelbase 53.11 inches (1349 mm)
Length 82.72 inches (2101 mm)
Width 31.5 inches (800 mm)
Height 45.71 inches (1161 mm)
Seat Height 31.89 inches (810 mm)
Weight 238.1 pounds (108.0 Kg) (dry), 108.0 kg (wet)
Oil Capacity 0.34 Gallon (1.30 Liters)
Oil Filter K&N KN-143[1]
Recommended Oil Yamalube 10w-40
Fuel Capacity 2.3 Gallon (8.70 Liters)
Manuals 1993 Yamaha XT225 E Owners Manual
More Manuals


The engine was a air cooled Air-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single. A 71.1mm bore x 71.1mm stroke result in a displacement of just 223.0 cubic centimeters. Fuel was supplied via a single overhead cams (sohc).


The bike has a 6-Speed, manual transmission. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual.


It came with a 2.75-21 front tire and a 120/80-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via 220mm disc in the front and a 110mm drum in the rear. The front suspension was a Telescopic 36mm air-adjustable fork, 8.9 in. travel while the rear was equipped with a Adjustable link monocross. The XT225 was fitted with a 2.3 Gallon (8.70 Liters) fuel tank. The bike weighed just 238.1 pounds (108.0 Kg). The wheelbase was 53.11 inches (1349 mm) long.

The Yamaha XT225 is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha from 1992 to 2006.



1997 Yamaha XT225 in White/Blue
1997 Yamaha XT225 in White/Blue


2000 Yamaha XT225Edit


Just like the XT350, the 1999 XT225 spells dual-sport convenience, but in an even more manageable package. This bike still comes with a very useable 6-speed transmission mated to the 223cc air-cooled SOHC single, putting the rider in control while operating the XT225 on both asphalt and single-track paths.

Air-adjustable front suspensions and a preload/rebound-adjustable rear monoshock also allow fast setups when switching riding surfaces, while the generous 11" clearance and aluminum skidplate provide glorious obstacle-tackling capabilities.

2001 Yamaha XT225 SerowEdit


The 2000 Serow is another variation of the base XT225 dual-sport machine. It retains the excellent maneuverability and low weight, coupled with the adjustable suspensions which make riding both on and off the road reassuring and fun. The 223cc air-cooled 4-stroke mill produces 20 hp and 19Nm, which are more than enough for a thrilling ride aboard this 108kg bike.

A street-legal machine, the 2000 XT225 Serow can be used as fun off-road machine or a nifty, economical commuter, alike. It will ride virtually anywhere, happy to tread on paved roads or unsealed paths.

2002 Yamaha XT225 SerowEdit


Small, punchy, economical and very fun, the 2001 Serow carries on the love riders have always shown to the Yamaha XT225 Serow. The low seat makes this bike fell quite reassuring, even for riders with very little experience and shorter ones. Its 6-speed transmission helps riders get the best experience aboard this bike, providing an even spread of power across the whole rpm range.

The XT225 Serow is a great replacement for your drawer when it comes to commuting: it gives two-wheeled freedom but in a much more agile package, and at a fraction of the petrol and maintenance costs.

2003 Yamaha XT225Edit


Small, light and exceptionally versatile, the 2002 Yamaha XT225 is the right choice for those who want a low-profile fun bike that's equally great for commuting and dual-purpose riding. Truth be told, the XT225 doesn't care whether you ride on the asphalt or decide to take the long way home and tread some fire roads.

Its punchy engine can deliver plenty of grunt to tackle rough terrain while the generous suspensions and strong, wire spoked wheels can take a lot of abuse. Add in a 6-speed manual gearbox for even more versatility and the affordable pricing and maintenance costs, and you're most likely set.

2004 Yamaha XT225Edit


Easy on the wallet and even easier to handle, the 2003 Yamaha XT225 is a versatile on-off machine which can do pretty much anything you might throw at it, provided you're not looking for World Superbike performance from its 223cc single-cylinder engine. With a fairly low seat, but with plenty of ground clearance, the 2003 XT225 will be equally fin on and off the street, with a transmission geared in such a way to provide fast rides on the road, and plenty of low-end torque for when the going gets tough.

2005 Yamaha XT225Edit


The 2004 XT225 carries on the heritage of a bike that's equally fun to ride as it is cheap to own. With exceptional terrainability and a true dual-purpose nature, the XT225 is the perfect do-it-all economical machine, suitable for both weekend fun into the wide open as it is great as a swift urban commuter.

Its simple air-cooled 4-stroke engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission which provides excellent power deployment for all scenarios, making the 2004 XT225 a non-intimidating bike suitable for both adults and youngsters.

2006 Yamaha XT225Edit


Commuting in the city, running various errands, weekend outings or following trails to your fav remote spot in the woods or a far-off fishing pond, you choose the destination and the 2005 Yamaha XT225 will get you there. A true dual-purpose bike, the XT225 is equipped with a 6-speed transmission which can deliver anything from the low-end torque needed to struggle up a dry creek bed and for the high speed for highway commuting.

2007 Yamaha XT225Edit


A true dual-sport bike should be light, exceptionally maneuverable, tough as nails an equally nimble on road and trail. That's the definition of the 2007 MY Yamaha XT225, one of the best choices when looking for a small, economical on-off bike to do it all. Commuting and streaking through slow traffic is a breeze thanks to its slender profile, while higher-speed rides are also possible thanks to its 6-speed transmission.

Tackling rough roads is easy with a 21" front wheel, while compliant suspensions smooth out the road irregularities, even riding with a passenger. All-rigged construction ensures the bike ca take abuse and still work great.

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