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Ambassador Motorcycles was a British motorcycle manufacturer. Founded by racer Kaye Don after WW2, the company produced lightweight motorcycles with Villiers and JAP engines and imported Zundapps from Germany. Production started in 1947 with a 197cc Villiers engined bikes. In 1953 a model was produced with electric starters and the first Ambassador twin appeared in 1957. The company was taken over by DMW in 1963 who continued production until they closed the company in 1965.


Founded by Irish motorcycle racer and 1920’s Brooklands star Kaye Don in 1946 as “U.S. Concessionaires Ltd.” The company was started to import American cars. Motorcycle development started with a 494cc vertical twin JAP engined prototype. In 1947 the small Villiers engines were introduced and proved successful so were used until 1964. Ambassador motorcycles were costly and didn’t sell well but exports to Australia and New Zealand were successful.