Aprilia RS660 Concept

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Aprilia RS660 Concept
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Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept Aprilia RS660 Concept


Aprilia RS 660 Concept

APRILIA CONCEPT RS 660 CONCEPT RS 660 IS THE FIRST EVOLUTIONARY STEP IN A REVAMPING AIMED AT EXPANDING THE APRILIA RANGE UNDER THE SIGN OF SPORTINESS AND PERFORMANCE FOR FUN CUTTING-EDGE AERODYNAMICS RESEARCH, PREMIUM TECHNICAL CONTENT, ADVANCED ELECTRONICS AND A NEW TWIN-CYLINDER ENGINE: RS 660 REDEFINES APRILIA VALUES FOR A NEW GENERATION OF RIDERS With the Concept RS 660, Aprilia researches a new concept of sportiness, defined by the ratio between exuberant but easy-to-manage engine performance, a frame and suspension par excellence and the light weight of the vehicle. The Concept RS 660 is a possible response to the demand of new generations for fun bikes that are capable of thrilling on the road as well as on the occasional track day. The Concept RS 660 interprets the concept of sportiness in accordance with extremely modern canons, the consequence of in-depth technological research and the extremes of aerodynamic solutions that are unrestricted by any regulations.

The result is a product that is unique in its kind: a medium engine capacity twin-cylinder, attractive and accessible, that provides extremely high technological content, even higher than bikes in superior categories. Therefore, RS 660 is a possible option for young riders coming up from smaller engine sizes, looking for a high-level sport bike that can provide thrills and fun on a day to day basis on the road and ready to support the rider on the track too. The Design: Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics Aprilia Concept RS 660 stands out above all for its style, innovative and sophisticated, that stems from a series of aerodynamic studies. With a tendency born in the highest levels of racing, aerodynamics is currently under intense development in the motorcycle sector, so the Concept RS 660 is able to explore concepts such as aerodynamic load control. Out of the work done in the wind tunnel and from the resulting solutions, the shape of a bike was born where the lines are an absolute and direct consequence of the functions. The variable front section, the air flow direction and the variable downforce values transformed into opportunities for the Style Centre which created ultra-modern dynamic shapes. The concept offers a comfortable riding position, thanks to the large saddle located on the sleek tail fairing, footpegs that are not too high, and a pair of semi-handlebars mounted on top of the upper steering yoke. The result is a saddle-handlebar-footpeg triangulation that is sporty yet comfortable, to the advantage of riding pleasure and comfort.

Aprilia Chassis Architecture, Quality Bar-Setter Aprilia's know-how in packaging super fine chassis architectures is recognized the world over. In observance of this tradition, the Concept RS 660 Concept provides a magnificent structure made up of an aluminum frame and swingarm. In the concept, the frame exploits the engine as a stressed element, contributing to form a compact and stiff structure. The right arm of the swingarm has a curved shape in order to all the exhaust terminal to pass. The particular mounting of the shock absorber allows outstanding progression to be obtained without using linkage, thereby cutting down on weight and making it a cleaner package overall. The New Parallel Twin-Cylinder for a New Generation of Bikes RS 660 was born around the concept of a new engine that Aprilia engineers are already working on, a 660-cc parallel twin-cylinder, a very compact new generation unit derived from the 1100 cc V4 that powers the Tuono V4 and RSV4 1100 Factory. This configuration was chosen for its compact nature and efficiency, the extremely low level of heat transmitted to the rider and for the freedom that it leaves the designers to create a sleek and lightweight frame and suspension. The RS 660 project is the development base for a wider range that intends to make Aprilia a key player in an extremely strategic market segment in Europe, but also in Asia and the American market.