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Production 1960
Class Classic
air-cooled, four-stroke, boxer twin cylinder, 2 valves per cylinder
Bore / Stroke 71.1mm x 71.1mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Horsepower 41.97 HP (31.3 KW) @ 7000RPM
Transmission Gear box: 4-speed, manual

Final Drive: shaft

Clutch: dry, single plate
Suspension Front: telescopic fork
Rear: plunger shocks
Brakes Front: 200mm drum
Rear: 200mm drum
Front Tire 3.50 - S18
Rear Tire 4.00 - S18
Weight 200.0 kg (wet)
Manuals Service Manual

The BMW R 69S was a air-cooled, four-stroke, boxer twin cylinder, 2 valves per cylinder Classic motorcycle produced by BMW in 1960. Claimed horsepower was 41.97 HP (31.3 KW) @ 7000 RPM.

S version of the BMW R69.

In the early 1950s BMW concentrated on refining what were essentially pre-war designs, but by 1955 was ready with a brace of new machines, the BMW R50 and R69. Of 500cc and 600cc respectively, the newcomers inherited the updated, flat-twin engine introduced on the R51/3 a few years previously but deployed this in all-new cycle parts, the most notable departures from preceding practice being the Earles-type, leading-link front fork and swing-arm rear suspension enclosing the drive-shaft in the right leg - developments first seen on the works racers. A luxury tourer capable of over 100mph, the R69 cost as much as a small family car and sold to discerning enthusiasts for whom expense mattered little when set against the excellence of BMW engineering. The R50/69 were produced until the arrival of the slightly more powerful 'S' versions for 1961. The larger of these, the R69S, produced 42bhp and was good for a top speed of around 110mph. 'Luxury roadster with superb high-speed performance yet docile traffic manners; magnificent steering, roadholding and brakes,' was Motor Cycle magazine's verdict.


A 71.1mm bore x 71.1mm stroke result in a displacement of just 594.0 cubic centimeters.


The bike has a 4-speed, manual transmission. Power was moderated via the dry, single plate.


It came with a 3.50 - S18 front tire and a 4.00 - S18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via 200mm drum in the front and a 200mm drum in the rear. The front suspension was a telescopic fork while the rear was equipped with a plunger shocks.

1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S[edit]

1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S 1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S 1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S 1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S 1960 - 1969 BMW R 69S

The 1960 BMW R 69S has, at its heart, an air-cooled, four-stroke, 594cc, boxer twin cylinder powerplant paired to a four-speed manual transmission, that can reach a maximum power output of 42 horsepower at 7000 rpm.

In addition, this sporty machine comes with features such as a dual seat, full fenders, a dual exhaust system with pea-shooter mufflers, a large headlight, laced wheels, drum brakes in the front and in the rear, a telescopic hydraulic front fork coupled to plunger shocks in the rear, laced wheels and an analogue speedometer.


1961 BMW R69S



1969 R69S[edit]