Benelli 302 Touring

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Benelli 302 Touring
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Benelli 302 Touring Benelli 302 Touring Benelli 302 Touring Benelli 302 Touring Benelli 302 Touring

Overview[edit | edit source]

Benelli 302 Touring

Benelli has unveiled a new full-faired sport tourer based on the Benelli BN 302R, The touring variant of the BN302 features a large fairing with the sharp and aggressive design. The bike gets a large headlamp and a windscreen which adds to the looks of the 302 Tourer. The motorcycle also gets panniers on either side and a top box to hold a decent amount of luggage. The Benelli 302 Tourer is equipped with crash guards at both the ends to protect the fairing and panniers in case of a fall. The split seat setup is wide and comfortable for long rides. The front turn signal lights are integrated into the fairing which gives a premium touch to the motorcycle. The engine is the same as the BN 302's, but its output is slightly changes, although it's not clear if the engine has been retuned or if the different output figures are due to different measurement techniques used on the China-spec bike. The engine's output is rated at 34 bhp, down from the 302R's 38 bhp and peak torque is slightly higher at 27 Nm. With the addition of the fairing, windscreen and standard crash guards, the weight of the bike has gone up, and is now rated at 216 kg wet.