Bimota BB3 TTrofeo Special Edition

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Bimota BB3 TTrofeo Special Edition
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Bimota BB3 TTrofeo Special Edition Bimota BB3 TTrofeo Special Edition

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bimota BB3 TTrofeo Special Edition

Bimota confirmed their plans to go racing in the 2015 Isle of Mann Tourist Trophy with British rider Ben Wylie and American racer Brandon Cretu aboard the Bimota BB3 machines, tuned specially for the mid summer event.

Now, out of nowhere, Bimota has announced the debut of the Tourist Trophy special edition BB3 TTrofeo machines, which would be rounded off to a limited production of 60 units. These machines would be launched with “select performance upgrades” which would essentially translate to bolt on aftermarket parts rather than engine tuning.

With such low production target, the Bimota BB3 TTrofeo would be one of the rarest machines around, and could probably be a highly collectable machine of the future.

Andrea Acquaviva, head of technical department of Bimota: We have always loved the track and the road races are a wonderful theatre where we can show our passion for motorcycling in our own very successful and unique in terms of technical aesthetic way. The experience gained in these four races will give us further insight and aid the development of the next generation of motorcycles to further improve our range. Finally thanks to the spotlight of races such as the Tourist Trophy we will have the opportunity to greet with a single gesture the “bimotisti” from around the world.

BIMOTA BB3 T TROFEO To indelibly mark this important participation Bimota has created a dedicated livery for BB3 the flagship of the range. Our most powerful sport bike debuts in the T Trofeo version with the colors of the Italian flag and the logo of the Tourist Trophy. It will juxtapose with the standard colouring of the BB3 (red white and black) and will soon be available for Bimota customers.

Constantine Blias, Team principle: The BB3TT has been prepared in conjunction with the Rimini Factory to withstand the 364 kilometres of a Senior TT race. The Isle of Man offers unique challenges for a manufacturer and whilst some elements of the bike remain standard other areas have to be altered to cope with the stresses that come in real road racing. The fact that in areas the bikes literally fly at over 270kph and in others bottom out at similar speeds make the TT the greatest challenge in motorcycle racing.